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Friday, January 13, 2017

Sunken Raspberries

Sunken Raspberries

Ok admitted, this is totally a summer recipe and maybe not the right time of the year to post this. But hey, it`s a healthier choice compared to cookies and cakes! Besides that it brings so much summer memories. My mum and I ate that every summer, just instead of strawberries I used raspberries this time. What dessert brings you back childhood memories?
Oh and yes, the cream has to be that liquid, just if you were going to ask about that, because the messy look is the best thing of this treat. 

Ingredients (for 1 serving):
  • 250g raspberries, washed
  • 200ml single cream
  • 1 tablespoon birch sugar
  • whisk your single cream with a mixer until it get`s a firm but still a runny consistency. Add the birch sugar.
  • fill a jar with the raspberries and pour over your single cream.
Of course you can also whisk your cream until it gets firm and isn`t runny anymore. Then I would recommend to make nice layers, switching between one layer of raspberries and one layer of cream. I just prefer the messy variation of this, we always used to eat this like that.

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