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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Porridge with Sapote

Sapote is a fruit similar in consistency to papaya or avocado and very sweet in taste. Normally there is no way to buy it around the place where I live, but luckily I have some Cuban friends who were able to get me one of these gems directly flown in from the Carribean island.
As I am crazy about porridge for breakfast, I decided to make one with this delicious sapote.

  • 1 tea cup oatmeal
  • organic milk, just as much to cover the oatmeal with it
  • 100g apple-apricot puree
  • 1/2 sapote, peeled and cut into slices
  • add the oatmeal into a bowl and add milk, just as much to slightly cover the oatmeal.
  • put into a microwave for about 2 minutes. If you don`t have a microwave you can also cook your porridge in a pan. Cook it until it gets a creamy but not dry in consistency. The milk should reduce but not vanish completely.
  • add the apple-apricot puree to your porridge
  • top everything off with the sapote slices
This is pretty easy and done within a short amount of time if you are using a microwave. Another way to do this recipe is overnight, especially if you don`t have a lot of time to cook in the morning. Just mix your oatmeal with the milk and let it soak in the fridge over night. The next morning you got your porridge. I would have done it just like that, but well the milk was all gone, so I had to prepare this at work with the microwave. Still a nice breakfast to go to.

Read you soon,

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