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Monday, February 15, 2016

Quote of the Week #6 & Blog Schedule Irregularities

It has been quiet here for 7 days, just took a week off from blogging...Hibernation time, you know, just to wake up fully energized. Although I do this hibernation thing way too much, but anyhow,sometimes I just don`t feel like blogging and that`s pretty much why we have a irregular schedule situation over here at velvet & vinegar....

Normally posting once per day is the goal I`m aiming for, or at least I`m trying to publish several posts during one week. But sometimes there`s just life that get`s in your way, work sessions, dinners with friends, night out with the girls, spending time with the family, planning trips and the little time left you just want to spend it being lazy, reading a good book, watching a movie or tv-show. You just need to chill, you know what I mean? And these are the moments, when it get`s silent over here at my blog. I have a full time job and a doctor thesis going on, which demand a great amount of time, for that reason blogging is a pastime thing I do. It`s a ton of fun and gives me the opportunity to share my experiences in the kitchen. As I do this just for fun, it seems explainable that a little bit of not posting anything may be needed from time to time...

That`s how I feel about blogging, respectively blogging schedule irregularities... How is your schedule? Do you even have one?

Read you soon,

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