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Monday, February 15, 2016

Movie Monday: Agents and Zombies

spy movie

So far there hasn`t been much movie watching or tv time over here, as I already mentioned in my previous post, life has kind of been busy around here, lot`s of appointments and hang outs with friends, equals not that much time for cinematic arts.

Well, there was one movie night with a friend last week including lot`s of agents, as we decided on watching "Spy" with Melissa McCarthy & Jason Statham. The plot results to be pretty simple Susan (McCarthy) becomes a undercover spy after her partner, a CIA agent, gets killed. Over the course of the movie Susan tries to make the new professional challenge work for her, showing not only the other agents, but the bad guys as well, that she`s an amazing spy. Of course the film comes with a lot of hilarious and awkward scenes, therefore laughter will definitely be included a lot. Over all this is a good movie to watch with your friends on a chilly Friday movie night stay in. Of course don`t expect high niveau conversations and a complex story, this is just a simple, but entertaining comedy movie.

The rest of my free time was mostly spent reading, online shopping and watching season 4 and 5 of "The Walking Dead". It`s an unexplainable thing to me, but here I`ve been hooked on that show again. I use the term unexplainable for the following reason, every time I finish catching up with the show and a new season or new episodes come out, I`m like - naww, let`s watch something else, I`m not that much into it - hence I`m not able to keep pace with the show. After falling behind for one or two seasons, I feel like catching up on the story of Rick and the other survivors. So I start watching it again and the moment I do, the plot really takes me in - a definite yes for season 4 - and I can`t stop watching...Until I`ve seen the most recent episodes, then the unexplainable thing I`ve just been describing to you happens again. Does this sound familiar to you? Did this happen to you as well with a show? If yes, which one?

Read you soon,


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