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Monday, January 25, 2016

What Would You Do If Your Reputation Changed One-Eighty Over Night?

Easy A
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This exact question popped up in my head after watching the movie "Easy A" with Emma Stone and he`s so darn hot Penn Badgley. For those of you who don`t know the movie, the reputation of Emma Stone`s character Olive turns from wallflower to a slut, due to a false rumor. Ok, Let`s be honest Olive probably get`s carried away a little bit, which makes the situation even worse, but she does it because she has a truly good heart and just wants to help others. Although I believe Olive definitely suffers from a severe helper syndrome.

The film itself is a typical Hollywood comedy-love story, absolutely enjoyable, especially if you`re planning to watch this on girls night. But still the film left me with one big realization, the power of rumors. It`s absolutely shocking, how this actually can change somebody`s life within an instant. I don`t even know , if I could handle a situation like that as cool as Olive does. I mean I`ve got through some similar bullying during my school time, but not like this severe. I remember the insecurities this kind of bullying left behind in my case, but honestly I don`t even know how it must be for teenagers nowadays with all the social media. On my opinion bullying got even worst and I imagine the scarfs left behind are way worse.
I would love if you could tell me your opinions not only on the movie, which you absolutely have to watch, but especially on the spreading rumors and bullying part.
In the meantime enjoy the movie, please, please share your thoughts, also because I would love to get some comments and...

Read you soon,

PS: Did you notice that I called Peeta, Peter in my last movie Mondays post about the Hunger Games? I`m sorry for that, little misspelling, but I kind of think he`s a Peter though *lol*.


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