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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Travel Destinations 2016

Serengeti Tanzania
Serengeti, Tanzania by globusjourney
2016 just has begun and most of all are energized, full of motivation to put our new year resolutions into action and maybe even planning on realizing a long time dream, like travel more. The last one is one of my goals, not exactly a resolution for 2016, but one for a lifetime. Our time on this planet is extremely short, which is why I believe in exploiting every single minute and seeing as much different places as possible. Don`t you agree?

And there`s no start into a new year, than a organized one, this applies to traveling as well. You can save yourself so much stress, confusion and bad planning, if you just sit down for a few hours and think on a few destinations you want to go to. After narrowing it down to several choices, inform yourself about prices, the recommended travel season,safety and travel information and medical requirements. This may also help you in minimizing your selection of destinations even more. 

Struggling in making a decision? Then a travel box is quite recommendable. And that`s how this works: just write down all the destinations you would love to go to on notepads, screw up every notepad and throw it in a box, shake the box and pick out one of your notepads...Ta ta! Here you have your next destination...

Now let me share with you the places I`m planning on visiting this year. Hope my little selection inspires you to do some travelling as well. Other bloggers are doing this type of posts too, so if you`re into it, also check out Elsie`s and Emma`s travel destinations over at their blog a beautiful mess

safari in Tanzania
Serengeti, Tanzania by watercolordreaming

Arusha Tanzania
Arusha, Tanzania by pinterest
 1. Safari in Tanzania
One of the bigger trips for this year will be a safari in Tanzania. I`ve always wanted to see wild life animals in their natural habitat, so I`m absolutely excited about this trip, as you can imagine. I can`t wait to see breathtaking landscapes, to breath in nature and new cultures.

The Rock Zanzibar
The Rock, Zanzibar by therockrestaurantzanzibar

paradise beach in Zanzibar
Zanzibar beach by pinterest

Fundu Lagoon, Zanzibar
Fundu Lagoon, Zanzibar by pinterest

2. Zanzibar
If you`re going to Tanzania you just have to make a quick stop at Zanzibar, it`s pretty close and the most important thing, it`s paradise on earth. Honestly I can`t decide if I`m more excited to go on a safari or to relax on a beautiful beach in Zanzibar. Cheez, I`m sooo thrilled, this trip will be amazing.


London City
London City by explosion
Millenium Bridge London
Millenium Bridge, London by popsugar

Harry Potter bucket list London
Harry Potter bucket list, London by popsugar

3. London
Ok, I know, what you might think right now. Yes, I`ve already been there and posted about this city here on Velvet & Vinegar. But one of my best friends want to see London, one of my best friends and her husband live there and I`m absolutely crazy in love with this city. I`m not only way too obsessed with this city, but as well with Harry Potter. That`s why I`m going to make a bucket list with all the places Harry Potter related that I want to visit. 

Meissen Germany
Meissen, Germany by pinterest

Albrechtsburg Meissen
Albrechtsburg, Meissen by avoyatravel.tumblr

 4. Meissen
Due to my PhD studies in Germany, I really fell in love with this country. That`s why I`m planning on visiting it at least once per year. After Berlin and Hamburg in 2015, Meissen is on my travel list this year. I`m really eager to see the porcelain manufactures and the traditional German architecture, which I`m really in love with.

If I get even more lucky, I`m eventually able to add one or two more destinations to this years agenda, who knows, but so far I`m tremendously stoked about my travel plans. 

But what about you? Which places are you going to visit? I really would love to see your destinations, so feel free to share or link to your 2016 travel posts. In the meantime, 
read you soon,

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