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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Snowflake Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

snowflake chocolate chip cupcakes

Since a few days there`s snow everywhere, temperatures have dropped below zero and it`s that time, when you just want to stay inside the house. This calls for baking right? There`s nothing better to do on days like these, than making some yummy delicious treats in the kitchen, like these snowflake chocolate chip cupcakes for example. Don`t they have just the perfect look to go with the snow outside? They blend in perfectly with the white surroundings.

But the most adorable thing about these cupcakes are definitely the paper liners. Found them a few weeks ago and just couldn`t resist on buying those, due to the cute snowflake print they come with. Those should definitely be on your shopping list for the next Christmas, what do you think?

Enough talking of paper liner, when it comes to the ingredients of these cupcakes, I decided to keep it clean and simple, as I wanted them to be white like snow, at least mostly, as I couldn`t leave out on the chocolate. Chocolate just makes everything way more better, especially in terms of baking. Despite their simpleness these cupcakes aren`t just cute looking, they are pretty flavorful, not only chocolaty, but with a notable taste of vanilla as well.
But let`s dive directly into making these little snow beauties.

chocolate chip cupcakes batter

What you need (for 12 cupcakes):

  • vegetable oil, like sunflower oil
  • 50g margarine or butter, butter at room temperature
  • 100g white sugar
  • 1 egg, medium size
  • 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 120g chocolate chips
  • 150g white flour
  • milk
  • muffin tin
  • winter themed paper baking cups  
  • 100g butter, at room temperature
  • 200g confectioner`s sugar
  • piping bag
  • star nozzle
  • 30g chocolate chips 
making chocolate chip cupcakes


  • preheat your oven at 180° Celsius 
  • grease your muffin tin with vegetable oil using paper towels
  • add butter or margarine and white sugar in a bowl, mix well until smooth (by hand or with a blender)
  • add one egg after another, immediately mixing them in 
  • add vanilla extract, salt, baking powder and chocolate chips, mix your batter once again
  • now it`s time to combine the liquid and the solid part of your cupcake mixture, if you`re using a blender just add the flour to your batter and mix until well combined, if you`re making your cupcakes by hand slowly pour your liquid part of the batter into the flour whilst constantly mixing, make sure to avoid flour clumps forming
  • if your batter is to solid, add a few tablespoons of milk until your batter has the right texture, I added about 2 to 3 tablespoons, your batter should have the consistency of cookie dough, it shouldn`t be runny but still have a creamy texture
  • place your winter themed paper baking cup in your muffin tin
  • fill each cup with 2 tablespoons of your cupcake batter
  • bake for approximately 20 minutes, use a toothpick to check out if your cupcakes are ready, insert it into one of your cupcakes and if it comes out clean they`re ready
  • take cupcakes out of the oven, let cool down for 10 to 15 minutes
  • in the meantime you can prepare your frosting 
  • add softened butter and confectioner`s sugar into a bowl, mix until smooth and quite stiff, you can do this by hand or with a blender 
  • fill frosting into a piping bag, pipe it onto the cooled down cupcakes in circular motions
  • carefully sprinkle over the remaining chocolate chips
preparation time: 15 minutes
baking time: 20 minutes
decorating time: 20 minutes, cooling time included

winter themed chocolate chip cupcakes

You can eat these sweet winter goodies right away or store them in an airtight container up to 3 days. Just make sure to take a picture of them in the snow before you enjoy them all by yourself or give them away as little winter treats to your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.
Wish you an enjoyable snowy baking time and read you soon. Oh wait! Do you even have snow in your hometown? Almost forgot to ask...



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