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Monday, January 11, 2016

New "Bones" Addiction

photograph by spoilertv

Don`t worry guys, I`m not literally addicted to bones, just talking about the so called TV show. Bones got aired for the first time over ten years ago and as usually I`m pretty late with jumping on the waggon, probably in that extend that nowadays this show maybe isn`t even that popular anymore. I don`t now about that, anyone out there still addicted to Bones?

Definitely hope so, because I got deeply hooked up and just can`t stop watching it. There`s not one day that I have to watch at least one episode. Crazy right? But mostly the murder cases are that exciting that I can`t take my eyes of and the whole reading bones stuff is absolutely cool. Fascinating what stories bones can tell...Wouldn`t you like to have the knowledge of these scientists? Well I would love to know all that stuff, although gross....But I`m a geek, so I`m pretty excited about science stuff like anthropology. Anyone with me here? Anyone?

photograph by quotesgram

Anyway, I`m half way through the show - yes, I know it`s a severe addiction - still loving it and enjoying every single minute of it. I can really recommend this TV-show to everybody who likes the heart rate rising crime stuff with a touch of romance. I mean seriously Booth and Tempi just get it together and finally end up as a couple, it`s so annoying that you won`t admit the chemistry between you two.

What shows are you enjoying on a high frequency lately?

Read you soon,

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