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Sunday, January 31, 2016

My January Read

It`s quite been a while, since I did my last what I read this month post. Honestly it has truly been a long time I haven`t read any books for fun at all. Sad me I know, but sometimes this happens, you just don`t feel like reading. I mean doesn`t it to you? Well it happens to me sometimes, but this time it unfortunately has been for quite a long period. Definitely needed to change things up, because reading a good book is so much better than watching a movie or a series, you just get lost in the story and time just flies by without you even noticing it. I just realized how much I really miss reading by picking it up again. So far this January I read two books, which isn`t a lot, but hey, at least it`s something.

First read this month - "Christmas on 4th Street", written by Susan Mallery - turned out to be a casual one. Easy to read, well written, unutterably lovely story. Actually I read it in German and just couldn`t put it aside. It`s a love story taking place in a little town called Fool`s Gold around Christmas time. You heard right around Christmas time, just perfect since it was freezing cold and snowy too here. Whilst reading I kind of discovered that "Christmas on 4th Street" isn`t a stand alone novel, but a sequel of Susan Mallery`s Fool`s Gold book series. Well so now I definitely know a bunch of books I want to read in the future.
So far I can really recommend the book, especially if you are into cute love stories including a winter wonderland. You will definitely get the whole plot without reading the previous volumes, but I guess it would be perfect if you started with the first one (here`s a list). And you will absolutely love all the people from Fool`s Gold, they`re just adorable and kind, especially the two protagonists Gabriel and Noelle. 

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Second read this month was "Fly me to the moon", an book written by Alyson Noël (I actually read the ebook). Obviously another love story, this time it`s about the stewardess Hailey, dreaming to become an author and finding her way through life as she recently became single. Pretty easy and casual to read as well, the writing style is a little bit more colourful in terms of the language, but the storyline definitely is entertaining. Again couldn`t put it aside and read the 200 pages within hours I got hooked up that much. 

Should you read "Fly me to the moon"? Yes, absolutely, all thumbs up. Same goes for "Christmas on 4th Street". 
What are you reading lately? Please share.


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