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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hunger Games Marathon

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Totally forgot to post about this on movie Monday, sorry guys...
Anyway with a bit of a delay, I still want to talk to you about Saturday`s and Sunday`s movie marathon. As the blog title already suggests, we`re discussing the Hunger Game movies today, more specific, the first, second and third part. Honestly I hesitated for quite a while before I decided to watch these movies. First the movies are based upon book trilogy which I wanted to read before seeing the movies, second because the concept of manhunt is absolutely repelling. 

After watching the films I`m still against this manhunt and, but I have to agree that the movies are pretty good, especially the first and the second part, the first part of the third not so much. Despite all the violence and heartlessness of these games, there`s always a slight gleam of light that things might change, a flicker of hope that there will be a revolution able to overthrow the president of the districts. For that very reason I can already assure you that I`m going to watch the last part, because I won`t stop believing that Katniss and her rebellions will stop the games and create a better life for the different districts.

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Video: Attention spoiler alert

As already mentioned, the first part "The Hunger Games" and the second part "Catching Fire" are absolutely recommendable, so shocking, but sweeping at the same time. You`ll suffer every single minute with Katniss and Peter, the two protagonists. In general the movies are also a bit too long, but the last hour makes up for most of that.

Although I`ve seen the movies now, I`m still panning on reading the books anyway, although this normally doesn`t correspond to my habitual order. I tend to read the books first, then watch the movies. Now tell me, have you seen these movies, did you read the books or maybe even both and if so in what order? Did you as well dislike Mockinjay part 1? Did you even like the movies? Please share your opinions!

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