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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Get Ready For One Smoothie A Day

Today we`re going to talk about a little healthy challenge starting next Monday, here on velvet & vinegar. It`s the one smoothie a day challenge, in which you prepare one fresh smoothie every day. It`s the second time I`m doing this challenge (check out the first one) and I would really love for you guys to give this a try. And here`s why you should absolutely do this challenge with me: it`s a super easy and quick way to get a bunch of healthy fruits on your table, which will provide you with lot`s of vitamins and antioxidants. Further it will help you keep up a healthy lifestyle and can easily be incorporated into your daily morning routine without taking up too much time. Are you in with me? I promise you it`s going to be manageable!

All you need are a bunch of fresh fruits - or frozen ones, if you don`t have the time to shop for ingredients, although I would really go for the fresh ones, just tastes better if you ask me - a blender and some yogurt or milk. Don`t worry if you`re vegan or don`t consume dairy products just use almond milk, coconut water, rice milk, oat milk or just simple water. That`s about all you need, so you see this is absolutely doable. If you want to take your smoothies a little bit further or even take them to the extreme you`re definitely require more than mentioned above. But no need of that, you can just keep it simple as well.

picture from pinterest

Naturally I have a few smoothie ideas for you that would go perfectly with the one smoothie a day challenge. To get inspired check out these 23 smoothie recipes,  a ton of ideas from Martha Stewart and allrecipes ideas. Of course I`m going to share my creations as well, so next week there will be coming up a smoothie recipe every day. 

Now tell me, are you thinking on taking this challenge? I definitely hope so...
Read you soon,

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