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Friday, January 8, 2016

French Rolled Leek Omelet

French Rolled Leek Omelet

Omelets aren`t only a popular breakfast dish in Europe and America, they are also just perfect for a quick lunch or supper. On top of that you can use almost every ingredient in the world to spice them up, for example vegetables like leek. Leek is in season right now, besides that it`s full of vitamin C and K, folic acid and iron. Thus it`s highly recommendable to use this green super food, especially around this time of the year, when lot`s of us are trying to get healthier dishes on the table.

Did I already mention that an omelet isn`t only done on a short amount of time, but it`s also pretty easy to make. Actually the only thing you need to avoid is that your omelet gets stuck to the pan. And of course you need to develop certain rolling or folding skills depending on if you want an American folded or a French rolled omelet. This recipe features a French rolled omelet, based on the techniques Martha Stewart teaches in her cooking school, which I`m still taking and trying to implement in my recipes.
Now let`s dive in into omelet making...

ingredients French Rolled Leek Omelet

What you need for one omelet:
  • 2 tablespoons clarified butter
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 leek
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • rubber spatula
  • frying pan 

French Rolled omelet with leek 
  • heat clarified butter in a frying pan
  • slice the leek and rinse it off thoroughly, as this vegetable tends to have dirt between the single rings
  • add 1 1/2 handful leek rings into the pan
  • cook for about 2 minutes
  • break eggs into a bowl, whisk them with a fork
  • add eggs to the leek
  • lift the pan from the stove and slightly pull in the edges of your egg leek mixture to avoid sticking
  • turn down the heat and put pan on the stove again
  • continue cooking for one more minute, constantly pulling in the edges of your omelet with a rubber spatula and gently shake the pan from time to time to prevent sticking
  • roll up one side of your omelet, then slide it to one side of the pan
  • hold your frying pan with one hand and with the other hand the rolled end of your omelet with a rubber spatula
  • carefully slide your omelet onto a plate, before entirely on the plate roll the other side of your omelet onto the side you`ve already rolled up before.
  • sprinkle over a few leek rings
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 3 minutes

omelet with leek

You may have noticed that you actually don`t need that much leek to prepare this dish, that`s why this omelet also is very suitable to make out of left overs from the day before. Give it a try or just make your own crazy combinations you like. How about Brussel sprouts and goat cheese or avocado and chili? What combination would you go for?

Read you soon,

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