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Monday, November 16, 2015

Shipwreck with Tiger & Other Fairytales

Shipwreck with tiger & other fairytales
image from exposingthebiggame

It has been a while, I haven`t done one of my movie Monday posts, so I guess you`ve been missing it. Or at least my person is missing it, *lol*.

Anyway I rewarded myself with a wonderful, breathtaking film this weekend. I mean, girl has to recompense the hard work done during the week in some way, don`t you agree?
And besides reading and enjoying the nature, watching movies or series is one good way to get your batteries reloaded again. At least this is one of my ways to disconnect with all the work stress. What`s your tactic to keep up a healthy work-stress-relax-balance?

And what do you do if you watched a movie? Right, watch another one! That`s why I have two movies in store for you today. Both of them aren`t really new releases, so I guess most of you may have already seen them. But hey, even better, like that we can discuss together, so feel free to share your opinion here on the blog. 

The first one was "Life of Pi", a movie based on a book written by Yann Martel, a Canadian author. The movie has been on my must see list for several year, just never managed to watch it. Which probably is the saddest thing about it, because this movie is absolutely stunning. The pictures, landscapes and settings are breathtakingly striking, especially the colours. I`ve never seen such a peacefully and colorful surrounding, it`s just WOW!
The story itself actually is very brutal and touching, filled with a lot of symbolism. Attention spoiler alert, don`t read this if you haven`t seen the movie: I loved how every animal stood for a different human character, although I considered the end of the movie a little bit hammy in the Bollywood kind of style, but besides that this movie is absolutely worth watching and there won`t be any dry eye left. And if you go further into the meaning of the plot you`ll get surprised which delicate subjects it actually touches....

Also check out this review on the movie, the author of this article totally got the it!

image from fanpop
The other movie I watched was Disney`s "Brave" produced by Pixar. What`s to say about this one? Well....It is one truly sweet and adorable story, but I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed. Another story of a feminist princess fighting for her independence and own rights, yada, yada, yada, we`ve seen that in Pocahontas and other animated films female protagonists. Couldn`t they make a little bit more out of it? The mediocre storyline at least get`s recompensed by the amazing graphics especially in movement. Over all an entertaining movie with astonishingly well done and detailed effects, graphics, landscapes and colours but no deep storyline. 

What movies have you been watching lately? Is there any one that is recommendable?

Read you soon, 

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