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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Happy B-Day Baking & Greetings

messy Birthday cake with rainbow sprinkles

Ok, I`m a bit late with this post, because the Birthday of one of my best friends was already on Thursday, but there was no time available for sharing this, between working, baking for her party and well celebrating of course.
First of all a few words for the Birthday girl...

Honey, I truly once again from the bottom of my hard wish you all the best for your 29th Birthday. May all your dreams and wishes come through and I sincerely wish for many more happy, unforgettable and healthy years! Cheers to our friendship, which I`m truly blessed with. Love you, Hun and Feliz cumple chiquitica!

cake with rainbow sprinkles

Birthday cake fail

So her Birthday was on Thursday, but the actual celebration was on Friday. A little cozy house party, with lot`s of yummy food, drinks and interesting conversations. My friend made a ton of delicious stuff, so my contributions were on the minor side, but still it felt good to throw in a little bit of help. I was the responsible for the Birthday cake, which I totally blew off, this is also why I`m not even gonna share the recipe for this cake. 

Besides that I created a batch of hazelnut cream/nutella chocolate cupcakes and a batch of caramel chocolate cupcakes. They surprisingly turned out quiet mouthwatering, definitely planning on sharing them in the future, because these beauties were made at my friends house and I didn`t had any time to take photographs. On Friday when I finally wanted to take a few shots of the party and the food, my camera battery died before I even could get a bunch of cool ones. Blogger problems.......
Anyway I promise to re-bake these cupcakes for you, because they`re definitely worth a try. 

hazelnut/nutella chocolate & caramel chocolate cupcakes

lightening the Birthday cake

So far about my weekend, but what did you guys cook or bake this weekend? I would really love to know, so please fill me in by leaving a comment.

Read you soon, 


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