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Friday, October 9, 2015

Red Velvet Birthday Cake

red velvet Birthday cake with fondantToday is not about sharing a recipe of mine, because this one I totally found on the Internet, but about telling you about my first experiences working with fondant. But let me start at the beginning.

Last week one of my workmates turned eighteen. She requested a red velvet cake for her Birthday, which I was gladly accepting on doing, because like with every other skill you should always continue to learn new things and improve. 
Red velvet cake is pretty new to me, as well as working with fondant, so this was quiet a huge challenge for me. Please don`t even mention the pressure I felt, as this was a Birthday cake and it absolutely without no doubt had to turn out well. 

I started off searching the Internet for information on fondant and red velvet cakes, that`s also how I encountered the lovely recipe I used for my cake (video instruction & recipe from Dulce Delight). I absolutely love the fact that this recipe works with beet juice instead of food colouring.
Oh and in case you may be astonished about my lack of knowledge about red velvet cakes,  in my country their not that popular.

Sadly preparing the cake layers for the frosting turned out to be a little difficult for me. I`m just so horrible in cutting things, obviously I managed to rip apart a few spots of the cake. And...of course I cut it a little bit uneven. 
In exchange working with the fondant wasn`t as difficult as I thought, just broke it slightly on a few parts on the side of the cake. Imagine the smile on my face, when finally succeeding in something.

In the end, I`m quiet proud of my first red velvet cake and first attempt on working with fondant. Of course my cake is way beyond to be perfect, but everyone has to start somewhere and I definitely want to continue making cakes. The Birthday girl also liked it, which made me really really happy.
As every starter I could use a lot of tips, so if you have a spare one, feel free to share.

Read you soon,

red velvet cake from Dulce Delight : used double of the amount
cake frosting: half cream cheese & half butter cream frosting with coconut flakes
fondant: 1kg white fondant (St├Ądter)
writing: melted white chocolate with red food color, sadly I couldn`t find another nozzle 

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