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Monday, October 19, 2015

10 Halloween Movies That Are Really Adorable

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I remember the times, I was a teen believing horror movies were the greatest things on earth. I video taped every scary movie I stumbled upon and on weekends my friends and I spent hours watching all of them. They were absolutely my favourite!
Well, I guess that is kind of a young adult thing, or I`m just getting really old, because nowadays I tend to avoid this category of movies. Watching terrifying films at night maybe isn`t the best thing to do if you`re living alone, like I do. Unless you really want to get the paranoia started, cause I will assure you I will start to here things everywhere. Sleepless nights and nightmares included...Yep that`s me, I`m a wuss...

But here`s the thing, although my repulse feelings for scary movies, I`m all crazy pants about Halloween. Oh, I sooo freaking love it!!! (SRY, for the outburst of emotions)
Everything about Halloween is just awesome, like the movies, just not the horrifying ones. 
On these cold fall nights, I pretty much enjoy watching a delightful Halloween movie. There is quiet a bunch of really good ones with little fear factor and you can watch practically all of them with your children.

Here`s a selection of non scary Halloween movies I never get tired of watching. 

1. Walt Disney`s Hocus Pocus
Three wicked witches return to an American town during a Halloween night, brought back mistakenly by a teenage boy. He, his sister and his teenage crush now have to save the children of the town by disempowering the witches.
Absolutely enjoyable and funny 90ies Halloween comedy. And Sarah Jessica Parker is so hilarious a a witch!

hocus pocus movie
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2. Hotel Transylvania 1 & 2
There`s just one word for Hotel Transylvania and that`s awwww. This movie hat the cute factor, besides not leaving out on the humour. For more information, check out the review on my blog.
So far I haven`t seen Hotel Transylvania 2, but I`m undoubtedly sure, it`s worth watching.

Transylvania 2 movie
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3. Bedknobs and Broomsticks
There are thousands of reasons, why this movie is a must see. As for example the astonishing London scenery, the animated kingdom of the lion and the underwater world scenes and lot`s of vintage fashion.

bedknobs and broomstick movie
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4. Beetlejuice
He`s a big weirdo, that`s why I like Beetlejuice. Do you need any more reason? Well I don`t have any, weirdo stuff must be enough for you this time.

Beetlejuice movie
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5. The Nightmare Before Christmas
Man, I can`t tell you guys how much I love Tim Burton. He`s just awesome, if you ask me. And he did it again in this movie, which also fits perfect for Christmas. 
And the moral of the story, cobbler stick to your trade!

The nighmare before Christmas movie
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 6. Mom`s Got a Date with a Vampire
The title just says it all.
This is so funny, especially the walking on walls part. A perfect family movie!

Mom`s got a date with a vampire movie
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7. Halloweentown
There are different parts of this movie, so there`s enough material for one entire TV Sunday. The older ones so remind me of my childhood.

Halloweentown movie
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8. The Addams Family
A few lines above I told you Beetlejuice is a weirdo, well the Addams family are a whole bunch of weirdos. You`ll never get tired of this family believe me.

Addams family movie
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9. Casper
Cause he`s the cutes ghost eve!

Casper movie
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10. The Last Unicorn
Drawn breathtakingly beautiful and such a sad story. There won`t be any dry eyes with this movie.
The last unicorn movie
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Now tell me, which non scary Halloween movies can you recommend?

Read you soon,

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