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Sunday, July 19, 2015

What I Wore This Weekend

What I wore this weekend: outfit 1 festival spirit 
top - H & M
lace cardigan - Forever 21
high waist jeans shorts - asos
espadrilles with pineapples - H & M
hat - H & M
necklace - asos
kitty watch - asos
satchel bag (sry not on picture) - asos
This weekend, once again, the weather was just amazing, we really can`t complain about too much rain and low temperatures, like it`s the case almost every summer. Since more than three weeks the sun shines every day and it`s really hot. And guess what, I`m loving it! Finally time to take out my shorts and sandals and of course I had to share it with you guys.

I was wearing the first outfit on a girls night out on Friday. Let me explain to you, we have a music festival here in my town,the Gurten Festival, that holds place every summer and here`s the thing, it happened to be this weekend. And although I didn`t had any tickets to go check it out, I felt like spreading a little bit of festival spirit.
This look would also be perfect for Coachella, don`t you think? I so wanna go there, on my bucket list!

What I wore this weekend: outfit 1 feeling the festival spirit

The second look was today's look, very simple, just swimwear, I mean what else do you need for a day at the river. But hey it`s IKEA color swimwear! I know, you may have guessed it, I combined two different bikini sets with each other, that happens when your top piece breaks in the last moment and you have to improvise.

What I wore this weekend: outfit 2 bikini in IKEA colours

What I wore this weekend: outfit 2 bikini in IKEA colours - improvised
 sunglasses - claire`s
bikini top - H & M
bikini bottom - Forever 21 (I believe, sry not sure anymore)

Guys, that`s a wrap for today, I´m sorry but sun always makes me so sleepy and I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Read you soon,

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  1. I actually love the color combo of your bikini, nice improvisation!


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