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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Crunchy Cherry Crumble

crunchy cherry crumble

Lately you can see a lot of baking with cherries on food blogs and social media, so I`ve been craving for doing some on my own.
I wanted something that really was able to bring through the sweet delicious taste of the cherries, that`s why I decided to make a crumble. On my opinion this is a dessert, that just tastes delicious in every variation, and although it`s simplicity, it always works for every occasion. And believe me this case, there`s nothing better than the mixture of warm cherries and sweet crumbles. It was that good, that I just want to taste it again right now!

If you ask me, there`s only one thing that can top this, which is a crunchy crumble! I love this dessert even more if it turns out really crispy, that`s why I used cereals and oatmeal. How do you prefer your crumble? Crunchy or not?

crunchy cherry crumble with cereals & oatmeal

What you need:
makes one middle sized baking dish
  • 500g cherries
  • 125g butter
  • 120g crunchy cereals
  • 2 tablespoons oatmeal
  • 100g brown sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • slice the butter, put in a pan and heat until the butter starts to melt
  • add all the ingredient, minus the cherries, into a bowl, mix well until you got a crumbly dough/mass
  • let cool in the fridge for 30 minutes
  • preheat the oven at 150°C
  • wash, halve and pit the cherries, add them on the bottom of your baking dish
  • sprinkle the crumbles over the cherries until they are covered completely
  • bake your crumble for 20 to 25 minutes until (slightly) golden-brown
crunchy crumble with cherries

I recommend to enjoy this treat as soon as it comes out of the oven. You can also warm it up again later and it still tastes good. 
Hope you like this recipe, you guys should really try it! And if you don`t like cherries, there`s plenty of fruits that would be a perfect substitute.

Read you soon,

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Chickpea-Lentil-Hotpot with Salami

Chickpea-Lentil-Hotpot with Salami

Ok first of all I admit this recipe probably wouldn`t be the first you choose during a very hot summer day, but I like it, because it`s such a suitable dish for days I work. Normally after a full working day I`m not much into cooking big things, just needs to be done quick and that`s where this delicious hotpot comes into play, because it`s prepared within seconds. 
Besides that, you can store it in the fridge for 2 days and it still will be good. Anyone thinking the same thing I do? Yes, also a perfect menu to take at work for your lunch break!

For those of you who aren`t yet convinced to try this hotpot, although it`s summer, I have one last argument for you. This stew tasted amazing, yup, absolutely mouthwatering!
The salami and the smoked paprika combined very well together and gave the hotpot a delicious full-flavoured-smokey savour.

Chickpea-Lentil-Hotpot with Salami ingredients

What you need:
makes 2 servings
  • 140g chickpeas, I used the ones in a can, they already come precooked
  • 160g brown lentils
  • ca. 175g salami, I used Citterio salami
  • 360g sieved tomatoes
  • water
  • salt & pepper
  • smoked paprika powder
  • garlic & onion powder, if you have more time use fresh garlic & fresh red onions
  • Italian herb mixture
  • dried & chopped basil
Chickpea-Lentil-Hotpot with Salami preparation

  • add the sieved tomatoes to a pan, make sure to get all the sieved tomatoes out by filling the glass/can they came in with water and adding it to the pan too
  • repeat this step until your glass/can is clean
  • add chickpeas & lentils to the pan, cook at medium temperature for about 15 minutes
  • skin the salami & chop into slices, I like my slices pretty thick but you can also make them thinner if you prefer
  • add the salami & all the herbs and spices (except the basil), add as much as you like, however I recommend to start adding little amounts of spices whilst trying the whole time, like that you prevent to over-flavour your dish.
  • cook again for 10 to 15 minutes, this time at low temperature
  • serve your dish & decorate with dried basil
Chickpea-Lentil-Hotpot with Salami and smoked paprika

I suppose this would also be absolutely delicious with chorizo, aw I`m already craving this hotpot again. Anyway, hope you try this one out and love it as much as I did.

Read you soon,

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lemon Cake with Lemon Icing

juicy lemon cake with lemon icing

Lemons are wonderful, they work with practically everything, they serve as great eye candy to decorate your food and drinks, but mainly they just make your dishes taste heavenly, in almost every case. They are also the most refreshing thing in the world during hot summer days. So I totally recommend you to always have a few lemons stored, pretty sure there will be a moment you`ll be glad to have them. During summer, I also love to put lemon juice in my water, it`s so addictive. 
But let`s talk about cake now, another addiction of mine...A few days ago I badly wanted cake, I mean I needed it rapido. In this case I normally bake a simple chocolate cake, but it`s like 40° C degrees in my apartment, so the chocolate is already melting by itself. I was on the look out for something less heavy and more refreshing, but still quick to do, so I thought why not mix two of my addictions and make a lemon cake.

This cake really was a perfect fusion of sour and sweet and it was so juicy. Oh, boy, how I do love my cakes juicy, that`s why I always bake them less long than the recipes recommend. Due to the high amount of butter, it`s flavor really came through, that`s why I probably will reduce the amount of butter and add more milk the next time. Don`t get me wrong it wasn`t bad at all, I guess it even would be perfect for a vanilla or chocolate cake, but I prefer my lemon cake with a less buttery taste. 

To prevent me eating the whole cake, because damn right I would do that, I brought the rest of it to my work and I was so glad everyone liked it.

refreshing lemon cake

What you need:
makes a little-medium cake,something in between :D

  • 250g butter, probably next time I go for only 150 or 200g for a less buttery taste
  • 150g sugar, I used white sugar for this one, normally I use brown sugar
  • 2 eggs, if you work with less butter add 3 eggs or more milk
  • 200g flour
  • 2 lemons, use organic ones, because you`re gonna need the lemon peel
  • a pinch of baking powder
  • a pinch of salt 
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • ca. 100ml milk, you have to add milk depending on the texture of your dough, if you use less butter than I did, you can compensate it with more milk
  •  ca. 100g confectioner`s sugar, again the amount of sugar depends on how white and how covering you want your icing to be, well I wanted to eat this cake right away when it came out of the oven, so I didn`t had the patience to make more icing and make it thicker.
refreshing lemon cake with lemon icing

  • preheat the oven at 180°C degrees
  • slice butter into peaces, if right out of the fridge make it a little bit softer using a water bath
  • slowly add eggs and sugar to the butter, while stirring the whole time, I sifted the sugar before adding it
  • sift flour into your mixture, while still stirring the whole time, add salt & baking powder, stir well
  • wash lemons, grate the lemons, but make sure to not grate them until the white part of the peel shows, to avoid bitter components in the flavor
  • now juice the lemons, add half of the lemon juice, lemon zests & honey to the mixture stir well
  • if you did everything like me, your dough will be quiet compact, so you need to add milk until it gets smoother, it should have the texture of honey and pour steadily from your spatula
  • Line cake-pan with parchment paper and pour your mixture in
  • bake for 45-50 minutes at middle height of your oven
  •  let the cake cool down completely
  • in the meantime, add confectioner`s sugar and a few tablespoons lemon juice, mix well, the more covering and white you want your icing the more sugar you need to add, I also recommend to use very little of lemon juice, if you really want a white icing you can use milk instead of the lemon juice, but believe me it will affect the taste off the cake and not in a good way
  • coat the top of your cake with the icing
  • Enjoy this yummy treat!

Before I`m off to bake a crumble, I wanted to apologize for the crappy icing, but as I already said, I couldn`t wait to take a deep bite into this, so I didn`t devour the icing the time it might would have needed. 
Hope you try this little recipe and read you soon my cuisine friends.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Oven-Grilled Corncobs with Basil-Ricotta Dip

Oven-grilled corncobs with basil-Ricotta dip

At the moment it seems kind the time for light cuisine, it`s just way to hot for sumptuous meals and guess what guys? Barbecue season is on anyway! Man, I love barbecue, I just could do this every weekend in summer without getting bored, believe me. Only problem here: not owning a grill...That`s why I transformed my oven into a grill, I mean if it has a grilling function why not use it right? 
First of all, I`m still experimenting with this, trying to get similar results as with a real grill. And although my first try, these yummy oven-grilled corncobs, didn`t look as fancy as they would made on a grill, they actually tasted quiet good, especially with the basil-ricotta dip, which gave the corncobs the so needed refreshment. 

Oven-grilled corncobs with basil-Ricotta dip ingredients

What you need:
this serving makes 2 corncobs & one bowl of dip
  • 2 corncobs, I used precooked ones
  • 20g butter
  • salt & pepper
  • 5 to 10 leaves of basil, depending on how strong you prefer the flavour
  • 250g ricotta
  • preheat oven at 200° Celsius,
  • remove leaves from corncobs, wash them
  • rub corncobs with soft butter, add salt and pepper while turning the corncobs slightly
  • put corncobs on a baking tray or directly on the grid of your oven
  • if you want to, wrap the corncobs in tinfoil, I for myself just put them on a baking tray, didn`t want any mess
  • grill (make sure to put your oven on grill) for 20 to 30 minutes until golden brown, don`t forget to turn over the corncobs from time to time
  • wash the basil, cut it into little pieces
  • add basil and ricotta in a bowl, if you prefer you can puree everything
  • add salt & pepper, mix well and put in the refrigerator, you want this dip really cool believe me
Hope you like this simple summer recipe and wish you all a happy barbecue time. Enjoy!

Love you guys,

Sunday, July 19, 2015

What I Wore This Weekend

What I wore this weekend: outfit 1 festival spirit 
top - H & M
lace cardigan - Forever 21
high waist jeans shorts - asos
espadrilles with pineapples - H & M
hat - H & M
necklace - asos
kitty watch - asos
satchel bag (sry not on picture) - asos
This weekend, once again, the weather was just amazing, we really can`t complain about too much rain and low temperatures, like it`s the case almost every summer. Since more than three weeks the sun shines every day and it`s really hot. And guess what, I`m loving it! Finally time to take out my shorts and sandals and of course I had to share it with you guys.

I was wearing the first outfit on a girls night out on Friday. Let me explain to you, we have a music festival here in my town,the Gurten Festival, that holds place every summer and here`s the thing, it happened to be this weekend. And although I didn`t had any tickets to go check it out, I felt like spreading a little bit of festival spirit.
This look would also be perfect for Coachella, don`t you think? I so wanna go there, on my bucket list!

What I wore this weekend: outfit 1 feeling the festival spirit

The second look was today's look, very simple, just swimwear, I mean what else do you need for a day at the river. But hey it`s IKEA color swimwear! I know, you may have guessed it, I combined two different bikini sets with each other, that happens when your top piece breaks in the last moment and you have to improvise.

What I wore this weekend: outfit 2 bikini in IKEA colours

What I wore this weekend: outfit 2 bikini in IKEA colours - improvised
 sunglasses - claire`s
bikini top - H & M
bikini bottom - Forever 21 (I believe, sry not sure anymore)

Guys, that`s a wrap for today, I´m sorry but sun always makes me so sleepy and I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Read you soon,

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Alice in Wonderland Party

The beginning of this month I mostly spent party planning, as my 29th Birthday falls on the 11th of July and I wanted kind of a special birthday bash to celebrate the start of my last year with a 2 on the back. Yes, I know, getting old, don`t pity me...One more reason to party hard!

I always had a little obsession with Alice in Wonderland, especially with the Wonderland. It kind of reminds me of a dream world, that I would love to escape to once in a while, like Alice does. Perfect theme for my party and as you can see on the photos, I tried to create my very own wonderland in pastel colours. And there`s no way I was going to miss out on the playing card motives, so I decorated my living room with some nice garlands made out of playing cards.
Guys let me tell you these were some stressful days, because of course I just had decided in the last minute, what I wanted to do, typical me though, and I guess with more time this would even had turned out better. But anyways in the end I almost managed to cook & bake everything, minus the cake and a few other things.
What no cake, is this girl joking or what?! I know that`s what you think right now, I was afraid my guests would say the same thing, but in the end it turned out they were fully satisfied with the homemade finger food. 

It really was one truly unforgettable evening, loved that you all were so addicted to my colorful drinks, also loved the atmosphere and spending some quality time with all of you. I really appreciate having you all in my life as friends and I hope although the years pass, that we always will stick together.

Love you all,