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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tips Needed for a DIY Book Shelf

book shelf with attached ladder
photo from abeautifulmess

Hello guys, I`m writing this post, because I need a little bit of help or some tips, especially from those ones of you who are experienced handymen. Maybe you`ve already seen my post here, if not let me tell you.
For quiet a while, actually for like two years, I am looking everywhere for a bookshelf that comes with a ladder attached. You know, one like in the Disney Movie "The Beauty and the Beast". I´ve also seen it multiple times on Pinterest and on one of my favorite blogs, but haven`t found it in any store. And just in case you were planning on telling me to hire a carpenter, already done that too. Their offers are way out of my league.

Guys, tell me is there any chance a not so well experienced DIY`er can pull this through? Is there a not so complicated way to build your own book shelf with an attached ladder? So far I haven`t found any good tutorials, which may be also due to the fact, that I want my shelf up to the ceiling. Meaning it should cover the whole wall from top to bottom.
I would love you guys to share some tips, ideas or even tutorials.
Already thanking you in advance and read you soon my loves.


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