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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Make-up Goodies

spring make-up goodies
font from pinterest

1. pastel color eyeshadow palette, 2. mint green nail polish, 3. rose lip gloss, 4. creamy rose eyeshadow crayon, 5. St.Lucia lilac nail polish

Whilst fall and winter are made for dark and smokey colours, spring and summer are all about pop up colours, well and a lot of glow, especially in summer. So is there any better time to freshen up your cosmetic case, than right now, when nature is getting colorful again. Indeed nature can be a great inspiration, also for make-ups, don`t you agree? I for example love the colours of blooming spring flowers and trees and like to implement the range of colours on my make-ups. 

That`s what inspired me to write this post, besides that I wanted to show you my favorite products and colour palette for spring. 

spring make-up 1
font from Pinterest
1. white eyeshadow, 2. orange lip crayon, 3. Touche d`éclat concealer for the perfect spring glow, 4. lip lacquer in red

spring make-up 2
font from Pinterest
1. magenta Rebel Bloom lipstick, 2. pink glitter eyeshadow, 3. creamy pink blush for cheeks & lips, 4. fuchsia Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick

Now tell me what are your inspirations for spring make-up looks and what colours do you like?


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