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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Budapest Hotel is where I want to Stay

great movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel
photo from patheos

Sorry for posting with delay, but yesterday I didn`t manage to upload this, so it`s kind of movie Monday on a Tuesday, but I guess you could get over it right? At least I hope so!
Anyway let`s talk about movie stuff, that`s what movie Monday is all about. 

Several weeks ago, I watched "The Grand Budapest Hotel", that`s also quiet the same time frame I`m dreaming about staying in a 30ies decorated hotel. Just like the one in the movie, which I can`t get enough off. My dream would only be outdone if the staff also would be 30ies inspired. Besides my little obsession with the set, decoration and costumes of this very movie, I have to say it`s also absolutely entertaining, with a good storyline and a touch of tragedy as well, although not in the most obvious way. Wes Anderson has done a great job, now I kind of want to see more of his films. 

love the set of The Grand Budapest Hotel
photo from pinterest
Aside from trying to convince you to watch "The Grand Budapest Hotel", I got a few other little updates... 
Also watched "Into the Woods" and I have to say costumes, make-up and set are really great, but the movie, in terms of the storyline, didn`t convince me. Sadly no thumbs up for this one, sry...
Same goes to Season 5 final of Pretty Little Liars! So disappointed, mainly because it got kind of irrational in the end. 
That´s about it for this weeks cinematic post, except you would like to recommend some movies??? 


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