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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Amazing Photo & Picture Gallery Walls

photo gallery wall
photo from abeautifulmess
Last week I talked to you about my kitchen reorganising, whilst I`m finishing that little project, there`s free time to get inspirations for some new ones. One of the things I always wanted in my home is a gallery wall decorated with photos or pictures, or possibly even both separately or mixed. Or maybe just a part of a wall? Images of a instagram photo wall may be popping up in my mind as well. OK, I suppose you got it, I`m still very indecisive. Whereas I`m deciding what I really want in my home, let me share a few picture & photo wall ideas. 

gallery picture wall
photo from pinterest

polaroid wall
photo from tumblr
quote picture wall
photo from pinterest
insta wall diy
photo from volatizing the esters

Which one is your favourite?
I also would love to see your gallery walls, photo walls, etc., so feel free to share.


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