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Friday, December 26, 2014

Scented Candles for All Tastes

During winter one of the most relaxing and comfortable thing of the world is the smell of a scented candle, well besides laying in bed, taking hot bubble baths and drinking hot chocolate and tea. Don´t you agree?
I am totally addicted to scented candles and I use one every month, so you get it that I have a little addiction. 
Lately I have been browsing the web for scented candles and I thought, why not share my findings with you guys. I arranged them by scent, so you could find more easy what you´re looking for.

bloomy scents
Hippy girls may absolutely adore bloomy scents.
bloomy scented candles
1. diptyque: Jasmin candle , 2. Jo Malone: orange blossom candle, 3. True Grace: Moroccan rose candle, 4.Molton Brown: lily of the valley & violet leaf candle, 5.  Colony: sweet pea candle
sweet scents
Sweet scents are perfect for the romantic little princesses amongst us.
sweet scented candles
1. Lily Flame: fairy dust candle, 2. Antropologie: angel food candle , 3. Ted Baker: new york candle, 4. 3-Wick Candle: cinnamon caramel swirl, 5. Hotel Chocolat: cocoa juvenile revive candle
spicy scents
Absolutely meant for the sophisticated ones. Spicy scents are also perfect for falls & winter time.

spicy scented candles
 1. The Body Shop: sandalwood & ginger candle, 2.Urban Apothecary: chai masala candle, 3. Molton Brown: patchouli & saffron candle, 4. Bahoma: myrrh candle , 5. Heyland & Whittle: orient candle
fruity scents
You are a girly girl and like to have fun a lot? Then fruity scents may be just your thing.They are also perfect for summer time.

fruity scented candles
1. Kew Gardens: wild fig candle, 2. Ted Baker: Miami candle, 3. Price´s Houshold: orange, lemon & thyme candle, 4. The White Company: cassis candle, 5. Heyland & Whittle: green tea & grapefruit candle

fresh scents
The casual & sporty ones amongst you will like these scents.

fresh scented candles
1. Capri Blue: hibiscus teakwood candle , 2. 3-Wick Candle: fresh balsam candle, 3. Colony: coastal breeze candle, 4. Yankee Candle: clean cotton candle
, 5. Urban Apothecary: mint creme candle

natural candles
These candles are completely organic, made for those of you who care about the environment and fair trade.

organic scented candles
1. Men´s Society: amber & nectarine soy wax candle, 2. BsBCandles: frangipani soy wax candle, 3. Pacifica: Tahitian gardenia soy wax candle, 4. Scentedcandleshop: rosemary & thyme organic candle, 5. Scentedcandleshop: ylang ylang & cardamon organic candle

Hope you enjoy and maybe even find a scent you like. I´m eager to share my favorite scented candles with you, will be soon in another post, as this one already is way too big.



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