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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ideas for Vegan Cookies

vanilla almond biscotti vegan
vegan vanilla almond biscotti
I had a quick cooking baking session on Sunday, which I´m probably going to share with you over here in a couple of days. Anyway this kind of got me in the mood for more delicious cookies and it´s Christmas time so I may be excused from consuming way too much sweets. This time of the year is also all about gifting and truthfully spoken, homemade cookies are always a great thing to go for as a gift. Actually a lot of my friends are vegetarians, vegans or at least try to keep a healthy diet, so why not try some new things, like vegan cookies. 
I browsed the web, mainly pinterest, for some inspirations and what I found I instantly needed to share with you guys.

oat thumbprint cookies vegan & gluten free
Oat thumbprint cookies
vegan chocolate peppermint cookies
vegan chocolate peppermint cookies
whole wheat graham crackers
whole wheat graham crackers

orange spice cookies vegan
vegan orange spice cookies
gingerbread cookie dough balls vegan
gingerbread cookie dough balls
vegan & gluten free gingerbreag men
vegan & gluten free gingerbread men
candy peppermint oreos vegan & gluten-free
vegan & gluten free peppermint oreos
lemon meltaways vegan
lemon meltaways     

vegan almond butter snickerdoodles
almond butter snickerdoodles
pecan pie cookies vegan
pecan pie cookies
vegan almond crescents
almond crescents
vegan gingerbread quinoa breakfast cookies
gingerbread quinoa breakfast cookies
vegan no baking coconut cookies
no baking coconut bites
vegan & gluten free banana pecan shortbread
banana pecan shortbread
vegan dark chocolate peppermint bites
dark chocolate peppermint bites
gingersnap cookies vegan
gingersnap cookies
vegan almond linzer cookies
almond linzer cookies
vegan white chocolate macadamia nut cookies
white chocolate macadamia nut cookies
vegan pumpkin coconut sugar cookies
pumpkin coconut sugar cookies
Well let´s get the baking started!
You can find more vegan recipes here.


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