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Monday, December 15, 2014

Fancy Christmas Tree Ornaments

In the last post we already got a look at a few inspirations decorating your tree´s. Now let´s take it up a level with some adorable, absolutely individual Christmas tree ornaments, I gathered together, based on different topics.

Fast Food

christmas fast food ornaments
1. pretzel & popcorn ornament, 2. hot dog ornament, 3. hamburger ornaments  , 4. ketchup ornament, 5. french fries ornament

sweet tooth

christmas sweets ornaments
1.macaroon ornament, 2. M&M´s ornaments, 3. cupcake bakery ornament, 4. cream puff ornament, 5. cake slice ornament


1. Hawaii ornament , 2. Mardi Gras ornament, 3. Texas ornament, 4. Miss Liberty ornament, 5. Hollywood ornament 

fancy animals

1. fancy flamingo ornament, 2. fancy poodle ornament, 3. fancy dinosaur ornament, 4. fancy frog ornament, 5. fancy duck ornament

I personally absolutely love the fast food ornaments. Which ones are your favourites?


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