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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tips to Style the Perfect Undone Look

Undone look

Are you guys friends of the undone look?
I for myself really like this hair style, mostly for it's simplicity. I'm kind of on the practical side, that's why I prefer stylings that don't take a lot of time. Although the undone look is easy and effortless to do, there are still a few things you should keep in mind.
The undone look may be also called out of bed look, but that doesn't mean, that there's no styling involved. It's not messy per se, it's styled to look messy. Just wanted to get that straight.

Undone look supplies

I like to go with that hair style on a day I wash my hair, as it's easier to work in the products and make a messy look, when your hair is still moist. I also recommend to first apply a nurturing spray before combing your hair, like that you get a perfect sleek look, which is an essential basis for the  undone look. Another additional helpster I use is a salt spray, I apply on the wet hair. I'm convinced salt sprays make hair look messier, so you might wanna try that one. 
If doing this style, don't blow dry your hair. Undone hair looks so much better air-dried. Just tousle your hair from time to time while it's drying, to make sure it doesn't loose it's messy look.

How do you style the undone look? Do you have any other tips?
Feel free to comment down below and share your opinion.


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