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Friday, March 7, 2014

Leather meets Fluffy

wearing my leather skirt

Today I felt like combining my fake leather skirt with my fluffy jacket from H&M. I know this look kind of has a lot going on, but I really really like it. And it's just enough fancy and crazy to make a quick visit to the carnival. 
Yes, right it's carnival time here, not my favorite time, but don't worry I'll get over it. :)

  • crop top: H&M (14.90 CHF)
  • fluffy jacket: H&M 
  • fake leather skirt: Amy Gee, bought at zalando (44.00 CHF)
  • stockings: H&M (7.90 CHF)
  • Dr Martens look alike boots: Bata (49.90 CHF)
By the way in the fashion world it's all about fake leather for quiet a while now. That's why I decided to jump on the wagon and the reason I absolutely needed this cute little skirt. Besides that it gets crinkled quick, which is kind of annoying, I really really like it.
What about you, did you get yourself a fake leather piece too?
Next I'm looking for a pair of fake leather skinny pants. Does anyone have any suggestions or a pair that you can absolutely recommend?


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