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Monday, March 3, 2014

Frozen - a Magical Winter Wonderland Story

Frozen - Walt Disney
from DisneyWiki

I know, I know I'm way too late watching winter movies, but this one is a Walt Disney production and I really absolutely freaking had to watch it, as I'm a big sucker for Walt Disney films.
If you haven't seen this one, please get some tissues. I mean as beautiful as Walt Disney movies are, they're also kind of sad too.

Frozen basically is the well known story of the ice queen, what you may have already guessed by the name of the movie. The first time I read this story I was still a kid, so I got quiet excited wanting to know, how Disney implemented the whole story.
To be honest they changed the storyline a bit, but the adorable princess Anna and the breathtaking winter wonderland, completely made out of ice and snow, make you totally forget about the fact that the story isn't exactly authentic. Oh and I mean, who wouldn't like to have a talking snowman as a friend?

This movie is absolutely worth watching every second, inclusive every shaded tear. Although I would love if it were like the old Disney movies, as they are my favorite ones. I definitely prefer them not to be computer animated. 

Have you seen Frozen? Did you like it or is this a movie you wouldn't even watch?


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