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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Friends Hype

Hello my dear blog buddies, 
Want to know, what's trending my world this week? 
Well in fact there is no escape, because I'm gonna share it anyway. That's how crazy I am about this. I know it's not one of the most recent series, actually it's kind of old, I mean check out their clothes. But it's just recently that I got into it, I mean seriously, since I started watching it in English instead of German, I can't get enough. This show is addictive and so much fun, I spend the most time giggling about their jokes. Besides that, I mean who doesn't love a story of eternal friendship? And not to forget: biiiiig nostalgic factor, at least for those ones, who grew up in the 90ies, like I did.

Now I told you what's trending my little world, but what about you? Feel free to tell.


Here some of the best moments, Chandler's funniest moments and don't forget to check out my facebook page to listen to today's song.

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