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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Casual vibe

wearing my converse look alikes with stars

Today was one of those days I felt like putting on a simple, and most important a comfortable, outfit. A pair of leggings, an oversize blouse and I'm ready to do some errands.
Oh and by the way, casual outfits are always a perfect opportunity to put on your fancy sneakers, don't you think?

  • leggings: H&M (9.90 CHF)
  • sleeveless blouse: H&M (ca. 29.90 CHF)
  • jeans blouse: gift
  • converse look alike sneakers: Dosenbach (ca. 19.90 CHF)
  • bracelet: old
casual vibe

What are your favourite casual looks? What pieces do you like the best to go with your casual looks? On my opinion those are mostly sneakers, cardigans, leggings and jeans.


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