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Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Week in Pictures #17

This Week in Pictures #17

Unbelievable one week over again and with the end of this week, my vacation is ending too. I don't even dare to say, what I all got planned for this week off. I always do that, I want to do all sorts of projects and duties during my vacation and in the end I only manage to do like a third of all that I got planned. Does someone know that? And if yes, what do you think is the underlying problem? Is it that time is just passing way too fast or is it because of bad time managing? I believe it's the latter one in my case, I'm a disastrous time scheduler. 
But hey, life goes on and there are worse things in the world. Most important is to have a good time and enjoy every minute of life, right?


collecting leaves for a DIY
midnight snack
walk in the forest, enjoying the Swiss Indian summer 


new purchased tea flavors
tea shopping in the mall with my mom


new thermos jug
fondue chinoise night
shopping day with my friends and fondue chinoise night


lazy pants day
lazy pants day...


baking birthday goods
making sheep for my godsons b-day.


birthday boy's day
birthday boy and his cake
 celebrating my godsons b-day.


sunday tea drinking and blog post writing
enjoying my last day of my holidays and doing some blog post writing.

Before leaving you for today, I want to come back to the above topic. If someone out there has some good and useful tips for time scheduling and how to improve it, I would really love to hear all about it, as I'm definitely working on it.


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