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Sunday, October 6, 2013

This Week in Pictures #16

This week in pictures #16

Do you know that feeling,when your holidays are just about to finally arrive?That period when you already are on vacation in your mind,but still have left a few days of work?It almost seems these days don't pass,while you are awaiting your free time.Well,that was exactly my state of mind this week,as I knew starting Friday I would have one week off.

During this lean time I usually like to plan all the nice things I want to do during my holidays.This time I want to get my home ready for fall.What do you plan/do a few days before your vacation starts?


Monday fall decoration shopping
Shopping fall decorations and craft supplies.Think I maybe planned way too much DIY's.


crazy artistic outcomes on a Tuesday dinner night
Dinner night with friends with all it's crazy artistic outcome.


Wednesday Le Petit Marseillais addiction
Addicted to Le Petit Marseillais.


Thursday craft shopping
Becoming the most regular customer @ bastelzentrum.


crafty Friday
Already busy doing all the crafts planned.


Saturday candle light bubble bath
Relaxing candle light bubble bath.


hot chocolate Sunday
Drinking spicy hot chocolate.

And how was your week?Are there any holidays in sight for you too?


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