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Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm Craving New Tea Flavors

tea flavors I am craving for
sugar & spice tea with cinnamon & cloves, glowing magic tea with apples & oranges, chimney fire tea with elderberry & almond, red riding hood tea with beetroot & raisin & raspberry, Rumpelstiltskin tea with tropical fruits & carrots
It always happens about that time of the year, when days start to become shorter and colder and you cuddle up on the sofa with your blanket. Around that time I start craving for a hot cup of tea. I love to try out different flavors and if you do too, I have some flavors you might want to try. I for sure do!

movie night tea with popcorn & apples, moment of glory tea with apples & almonds & cinnamon, Christmas magic tea with tropical fruits & coconut & bananas, hot lips tea with cinnamon & pink pepper, winter star tea with cherry & popcorn & cardamom

Looks like I'm heavily going for teas with fairytale and winter based names. I'm definitely watching way too much "Once upon a time", as you can see by my choice of teas. I just love teas with fancy names, can't help it. What tea flavor and sorts do you like? Do you even like to try out new flavors or do you always stick to the same ones?
Enjoy your cup of tea and read you soon.




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