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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Casual & Daily Make-up

daily make-up supplies

For now I have already presented you some of the care cosmetics I'm using regularly and today,I'm sharing my daily make-up routine.If you ask me,the most important supplies you need to do your daily styling procedures are good quality brushes.If possible made of natural hair.But enough of that,let's move on to the other supplies.

1. Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner from Catrice

starting make-up with a primer

I always apply a thin layer of primer,before I put on make-up,which prevents it from blurring.The one from Catrice I'm actually using,has a smooth texture and can be dispensed easily with a make-up brush.Due to it's texture the primer gets absorbed quiet quickly.Not to despise it's lovely smell.

2. Prime and Fine Illuminating Base from Catrice

after primer comes illuminating base

After the primer,I usually put on a base with glimmer particles to point out certain parts of my face,like forehead,cheeks and bridge of the noise.My current base has a light texture,leaves no stains at all and is from Catrice as well.It comes with an even better smell than the primer.

3.Re-Touch Light-Reflecting Concealer from Catrice

I have really dark eye circles and absolutely do need to apply concealer to brighten them up a little bit.I have never been able to cover them up entirely,but with a bit of concealer they're at least less visible.This concealer,from Catrice again,is a twist-pen,which is kind of the way how I like my concealer.Way much handier than palettes.It's not the best concealer,but for the low price I paid for it,I consider the concealer as OK.And I love that they sell it in very light colours,like 010 ivory,that suit perfectly for my fair skin.

4. Multi Colour Compact Powder from Catrice

fixating make-up with compact powder

As long as there is no special event to happen,I'm easy with only putting on the three products mentioned above and no make-up.I only apply a compact powder to fixate everything.I prefer multicoloured compact powders,as I believe they give more light to your face and prevent it from looking like a mask.

5. Brush on Bronze from The Body Shop

adding some glow by applying bronzing powder

Bronzing powder is my absolute cosmetic must have.I use it throughout the whole year,not only during the summer.I first cover my whole face with a thin layer to give my complexion that sun kissed look.Then I highlight my temples,cheeks and chins by applying the bronzing powder in a E-shaped form.The single powder pearls prevent you from getting stains and too much bronzing.And I mean who doesn't love the products from Body Shop.

I finish my daily make-up by drawing a line in the bottom and top inner eyelid with black kohl and putting on some black mascara.

What's your daily make-up routine?Do you even use any make-up?If yes,what products do you use and do you put on the whole make-up package every day?Feel free to tell me,as I am quiet curious.


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