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Thursday, October 10, 2013

5 Ways to Style: Print Leggings

5 ways to wear print leggings tomboy look
focus piece: Laotian dusk leggings from lovelysally (45.00$US), black blouse zara (79.90$US), black boyfriend blazer zalando (ca. 66.50$US)  leather Chelsea boots asos (81.00$US), black satchel topshop (56.00$US), bowler hat H&M (12.95$US) classic black watch American apparel (54.00$US), pyramid earrings Marc by Marc Jacobs (58.00$US), necklace starlet (20.00$US)

Today I'm showing you five ways to style print leggings. Since a while I'm seeing them pop up a lot on social media and magazines and I'm flirting with the thought of buying a pair for months. But here's the thing, as much as I love listing and planning, I'm still a chaotic shopper. I tend to make impulsive purchases. Don't get me wrong, I almost never buy things that I later regret, but I buy pieces that I don't have anything or very little to combine with. I guess some of you know this sort of situation, am I right?

5 ways to wear print leggings urban look
focus piece: Alps print leggings lovelysally (45.00$US),denim blouse H&M (24.95$US),knitted sweater in white zalando (ca. 77.50$US), brown worker boots zalando (46.50$US), denim backpack topshop (60.00$US), cross studs forever21 (1.90$US), studded multi-ring forever21 (4.90$US), double finger ring asos (8.44$US), ring with spikes forever21 (2.90$US)

So what I, and maybe also a few of you, actually need is a straight approach with some logical thinking behind. In other words focus on several must have pieces and only buy additional pieces that work for your must haves. Or if you're like me and can't narrow it down on a few must haves, just buy one thing at a time and then choose a couple of different items to go with that one, before getting another impulsive buy.

5 ways to wear print leggings sporty look
focus piece: rainbow color batik print leggings zalando (ca. 72.00$US),baseball top asos (20.25$US), lilac oversize sweatshirt zalando (ca. 43.00$US), platform sneakers asos (33.75$US), stud bag topshop (72.00$US) baseballcap lids (19.99$US), peace sign earrings michelle chang (38.00$US) wolf ring sheinside (8.68$US), foxy ring topshop (2.80$US)

5 ways to wear print leggings romantic look
focus piece:Alice in Wonderland print leggings black milk (ca. 71.00$US), romantic blouse zalando (ca. 51.00$US), fake fur jacket H&M (69.95$US), tricolor ankle boots zalando (ca. 77.00$US), quilted shoulder bag aristocracie (62.00$US), cheshire cat necklace lalamagic (26.99$US), white stone earrings aristocracie (11.00$US), bow bracelet conversation pieces (12.00$US), lacey ring efoxcity (4.64$US)

And that's what I intend to do with this new feature. I want to give you an idea what items you need to go with your special chosen piece and just focus on them, instead of buying a lot of random things, you don' have anything to wear with. So in one word, this feature will help you focus, by giving you some inspiration how to build outfits around one piece.

5 ways to wear print leggings 90ies grunge lookfocus piece: raven print leggings zalando (51.00$US), black tee forever21 (12.80$US), warm cardigan vero moda (ca.54.00$US), black doc marten look-alike boots H&M (34.95$US), metallic shoulder bag mango (49.99$US), neon hat monki (8.00$US), silver chain bracelets H&M (7.95$US), safety pin earrings mango (19.99$US), two finger cross ring sosie (11.99$US),

Hope you like this new feature? I'm open for any suggestions and ideas, so if you have a certain piece you would like me to make a 5 ways to style about, just let me know.


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