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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mexican Salad with Avocado Dressing

mexican bean salad with avocado dressing

Right now is the perfect season for dishes with beans, not only in terms of hot chili. There's this yummy Mexican bean salad for example, that you could consider making as a quick lunch. I'm such a sucker for this salad, I really could eat it every week.

What you need for 2 servings:
  • 8.5 ounces jack beans
  • 15 ounces red kidney beans
  • 4.25 ounces green beans
  • 10.5 ounces sweet corn
  • 1 avocado
  • 5.5 ounces plain yogurt
  • 3 to 5 tablespoons white wine vinegar, depending how sour you like it
  • lemon juice of 1 lemon
  • salt & pepper
  • any other spices you like, I added grained garlic and onion
  • 3 branches cilantro, I unfortunately forgot to buy it

ingredients for mexican salad

1. Step:
You only need to follow step one, if you're using crude beans, meaning not these pre - cooked ones in the cans. Start preparing your beans one day before you actually want to eat the salad, especially if you're planning this as a quick lunch, like I did. Fill two bowls with water and pour the beans into the water, red beans in one bowl, white ones in the other one. Now let your beans soak in the water for at least 7 hours. If you start soaking your beans in the morning they will be ready to cook in the evening.

When ready take out your beans and dry them with a towel. Now add 2 tablespoons olive oil to a pan and start heating. Now add your beans and cook them until they have the texture you want them to have.
While one part of your beans are cooking, you can prepare the green beans. Wash them and cut off their ends. Add 4 cups water to a pan, heat until boiling and then add your green beans. Cook until tender (ca. 10-15 minutes).
Store all your cooked beans in an airtight container and put in the fridge over the night.

Mexican bean salad with vinegar

2. Step:
Cut your green beans into halves or thirds. Then mix all your beans and the sweet corn together in a bowl and add the vinegar. Put your salad in the fridge and let soak in the vinegar for 30 minutes before adding the dressing.

3. Step:
Whilst your salad is in the fridge you have time to make the avocado dressing. Peel and halve the avocado, remove the core and cut your avocado into little pieces. Add in a bowl with the yogurt and mash with a blender until you have an even texture without any lumps. Season with all the flavors you like and lime juice. Also wash and chop the cilantro and add it to your dressing.

ingredients for avocado dressing

Well I admit it's a bit of a time taking salad, but it's really worth it, believe me. And there's still the possibility to make it with canned beans, which makes this a ten minute to make dish. As already said, I've always loved this salad, but it's the first time I tried it with this avocado dressing. And believe me it's so yummy and the avocado just goes perfectly with the yogurt. 
Do you have some other dressings you make for bean salads? Any other avocado dressing suggestions?


Monday, October 14, 2013

One Song a Day Project: Day #14

Day #14: Alexi Murdoch - Blue Mind

Lean back and breath in the soft melody of this song. Doesn't this song have a tranquilizing effect on you? At least it has one on me.


5 TV - Series I Can't Get Enough

5 TV-series I am addicted to

Hey there, it's time again for 5 things, today with the five TV-series I love the most momentarily. Of course you're all invited to share your shows and series you like and can recommend. I'm really what you can call a series addict, I just love them all, well almost. That's why there's always a special show I'm really crazy about for a while and then it changes again. Due to that there might will come several more posts like this one, just to give you a head's started already. 

1. Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars
This show isn't for light hearted, it's a little bit psycho sometimes if you ask me. But I love it anyway. The story is so twisted and vivid I'm always surprised with the things that happen and the facts that get revealed. This show is 45 minutes of absolute tension, at least for me.

2. Once upon a Time

Once upon a time
If Pretty Little Liars is the most twisted story of this world, then Once upon a Time is just the same, only for the world of fairy tales. I got hooked up within the first second I started to watch this series, only for the reason that I wanted to get to know, who was which fairytale character. This series is pure magic, fairy tales, enchantment and full of intrigues and entanglement.

3. The Carrie Diaries
The Carrie Diaries
I'm a bit afraid of what I'm going to say right now, as probably all the Sex and the City fans out here will throw tomatoes at me after this. But I'm going to say it anyway, I think the Carry Diaries is way much better than Sex and the city. I absolutely adore the 80ies vibe of the show and young Carries cute retro outfits. I also dare to say, that the characters in this spin off are way much deeper.

4. Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory
source unknown
There's not one single comedy show that measures up to Big Bang Theory. I mean seriously Sheldon is just unbeatable by himself. He is and will be the funniest guy ever and that's enough for me to love this show. And I mean who doesn't love some nerd talk?

5. The Lying Game

The Lying Game
Another show based on books of Sara Shepard, like Pretty Little Liars. As the latter one the Lying Game is full of intrigues and lies. I watched it to bridge the time during summer break. The only sad thing is, that there are only two season.

It is obvious that I'm more into the drama type series, as I prefer shows with a lot of entanglement and intrigues. But what about you? What genres do you like the most? And what are your favorite TV-series?


Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Week in Pictures #17

This Week in Pictures #17

Unbelievable one week over again and with the end of this week, my vacation is ending too. I don't even dare to say, what I all got planned for this week off. I always do that, I want to do all sorts of projects and duties during my vacation and in the end I only manage to do like a third of all that I got planned. Does someone know that? And if yes, what do you think is the underlying problem? Is it that time is just passing way too fast or is it because of bad time managing? I believe it's the latter one in my case, I'm a disastrous time scheduler. 
But hey, life goes on and there are worse things in the world. Most important is to have a good time and enjoy every minute of life, right?


collecting leaves for a DIY
midnight snack
walk in the forest, enjoying the Swiss Indian summer 


new purchased tea flavors
tea shopping in the mall with my mom


new thermos jug
fondue chinoise night
shopping day with my friends and fondue chinoise night


lazy pants day
lazy pants day...


baking birthday goods
making sheep for my godsons b-day.


birthday boy's day
birthday boy and his cake
 celebrating my godsons b-day.


sunday tea drinking and blog post writing
enjoying my last day of my holidays and doing some blog post writing.

Before leaving you for today, I want to come back to the above topic. If someone out there has some good and useful tips for time scheduling and how to improve it, I would really love to hear all about it, as I'm definitely working on it.


One Song a Day Project: Day #13

Day #13: Imagine Dragons - Demons

Everyone has some little demons inside to work on. Just listen to this song and try not to be too rigorous with yourself for a little while.


Lovely Sunday #13

quote of the week #13

Hello there, how are you guys doing? Are you all enjoying your Sunday, doing lots of funny things with your families and friends or staying in to chill and relax a little bit?
I myself am sitting here typing this post with a hot cup of red ridding hood tea at my side. 
So if you have some spare time, which I do believe, cause hey, it's Sunday, check out these lovely Internet findings, I have for you today.
And what about you? What did you newly discover on the world wide web this week?


One Song a Day Project: Day #12

Day #12: The Walkmen - Long Time Ahead of Us

You might get the feeling that I'm a little bit depressive, as I always choose slightly sad songs. But that's just the kind of music I prefer, when the days are getting grayish and colder. 

And of course I have some birthday song for my godson, who just turned one year old today. Love you my little boy, this is for you.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm Craving New Tea Flavors

tea flavors I am craving for
sugar & spice tea with cinnamon & cloves, glowing magic tea with apples & oranges, chimney fire tea with elderberry & almond, red riding hood tea with beetroot & raisin & raspberry, Rumpelstiltskin tea with tropical fruits & carrots
It always happens about that time of the year, when days start to become shorter and colder and you cuddle up on the sofa with your blanket. Around that time I start craving for a hot cup of tea. I love to try out different flavors and if you do too, I have some flavors you might want to try. I for sure do!

movie night tea with popcorn & apples, moment of glory tea with apples & almonds & cinnamon, Christmas magic tea with tropical fruits & coconut & bananas, hot lips tea with cinnamon & pink pepper, winter star tea with cherry & popcorn & cardamom

Looks like I'm heavily going for teas with fairytale and winter based names. I'm definitely watching way too much "Once upon a time", as you can see by my choice of teas. I just love teas with fancy names, can't help it. What tea flavor and sorts do you like? Do you even like to try out new flavors or do you always stick to the same ones?
Enjoy your cup of tea and read you soon.




Friday, October 11, 2013

One Song a Day Project: Day #11

Day #11: Bowerbirds - House of Diamonds

This will make you feel free, literally! I love how music can provoke that many emotions. Aren't you too?


DIY: Fall Wreath with Autumn Leaves

DIY fall wreath with autumn leaves

I'm in a crazy fall slash Halloween mood and just can't get enough of pumpkins, the colour orange, PSL, spicy tea and all sorts of fall based decorations. I also absolutely adore when tree leaves start to change their colours. There's nothing more beautiful than a walk in the forest during that time of the autumn to feel the spirit of Indian summer. And guess what, you even need to go for a walk in the forest for this DIY. Where else would you get tons of autumn leaves for free?

So if you like to jazz up your home for different seasons and like to spread some fall feeling, but don't want to spend a lot of money and time, this DIY is perfect for you. I made my wreath within an hour.

supplies for a atumn leaves wreath

Supplies you need:
  • a wreath, I used one made out of straw
  • florist's wire, I used one in the color silver, but it's actually better to choose a color more suitable for autumn leaves, like green or red
  • autumn leaves
  • Chinese lanterns
  • hot glue gun & hot glue
  • hairspray 
  • ribbon

How to make your own fall wreath

DIY fall wreath

Circuit your wreath with a first layer of leaves. Use big leaves for this layer, as they serve to cover up the whole wreath. Try to serve your most beautiful leaves for the second layer. When doing your first layer, try to always line up the leaves the same way. I chose to arrange them with their stem down. Tuck one end of your wire in the wreath and start winding your wire around the wreath, adding leave for leave. Try to overlap the leaves a little bit, like that the florist's wire won't be seen.
After finishing your first layer, spray on some hairspray on your wreath.


make your own fall inspired wreath with colorful leaves

Exactly the same like step 1, only that you should use prettier and tinier leaves, as this will be top and visible layer.
Don't forget applying some hairspray. It makes your leaves much more sustainable. The other end of the wire can just be stuck in the wreath to make it disappear.


fall wreath with chinese lanterns

Plug in your hot gun to warm the glue. As soon as the glue is liquid you can start to stick on your chinese lanterns. Make sure to press them on tight enough without destroying any of the lanterns. Of course you can also add other decorations, like acorns, plastic fruits, cones, autumn flowers, etc.
If you like to hang up your wreath like I did, tie a ribbon around the wreath and hang it up.

My autumn wreath now hangs on my entrance door and every time I come home and look at it, it makes me smile. Isn't it great when quick to do DIY's turn out to be little treasures? And it's even more fun when something like that happens unplanned.

Wish you a nice day and send you some Indian summer yey's!


One Song a Day Project: Day #9 and Day #10

Day #9: Gregory Alan Isakov - Crooked Muse

Crooked Muse by Gregory Alan Isakov on Grooveshark  

I'm so sorry I missed out posting a song for you guys yesterday, but I had such a busy day and arrived home that late and tired, I wasn't up to post something anymore. So far for why there are two songs today.

Day #10: Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

I hope you enjoy both songs, one rather melancholic and the second one therefor all the more happier. Do you have a song that always makes you happy?


Thursday, October 10, 2013

5 Ways to Style: Print Leggings

5 ways to wear print leggings tomboy look
focus piece: Laotian dusk leggings from lovelysally (45.00$US), black blouse zara (79.90$US), black boyfriend blazer zalando (ca. 66.50$US)  leather Chelsea boots asos (81.00$US), black satchel topshop (56.00$US), bowler hat H&M (12.95$US) classic black watch American apparel (54.00$US), pyramid earrings Marc by Marc Jacobs (58.00$US), necklace starlet (20.00$US)

Today I'm showing you five ways to style print leggings. Since a while I'm seeing them pop up a lot on social media and magazines and I'm flirting with the thought of buying a pair for months. But here's the thing, as much as I love listing and planning, I'm still a chaotic shopper. I tend to make impulsive purchases. Don't get me wrong, I almost never buy things that I later regret, but I buy pieces that I don't have anything or very little to combine with. I guess some of you know this sort of situation, am I right?

5 ways to wear print leggings urban look
focus piece: Alps print leggings lovelysally (45.00$US),denim blouse H&M (24.95$US),knitted sweater in white zalando (ca. 77.50$US), brown worker boots zalando (46.50$US), denim backpack topshop (60.00$US), cross studs forever21 (1.90$US), studded multi-ring forever21 (4.90$US), double finger ring asos (8.44$US), ring with spikes forever21 (2.90$US)

So what I, and maybe also a few of you, actually need is a straight approach with some logical thinking behind. In other words focus on several must have pieces and only buy additional pieces that work for your must haves. Or if you're like me and can't narrow it down on a few must haves, just buy one thing at a time and then choose a couple of different items to go with that one, before getting another impulsive buy.

5 ways to wear print leggings sporty look
focus piece: rainbow color batik print leggings zalando (ca. 72.00$US),baseball top asos (20.25$US), lilac oversize sweatshirt zalando (ca. 43.00$US), platform sneakers asos (33.75$US), stud bag topshop (72.00$US) baseballcap lids (19.99$US), peace sign earrings michelle chang (38.00$US) wolf ring sheinside (8.68$US), foxy ring topshop (2.80$US)

5 ways to wear print leggings romantic look
focus piece:Alice in Wonderland print leggings black milk (ca. 71.00$US), romantic blouse zalando (ca. 51.00$US), fake fur jacket H&M (69.95$US), tricolor ankle boots zalando (ca. 77.00$US), quilted shoulder bag aristocracie (62.00$US), cheshire cat necklace lalamagic (26.99$US), white stone earrings aristocracie (11.00$US), bow bracelet conversation pieces (12.00$US), lacey ring efoxcity (4.64$US)

And that's what I intend to do with this new feature. I want to give you an idea what items you need to go with your special chosen piece and just focus on them, instead of buying a lot of random things, you don' have anything to wear with. So in one word, this feature will help you focus, by giving you some inspiration how to build outfits around one piece.

5 ways to wear print leggings 90ies grunge lookfocus piece: raven print leggings zalando (51.00$US), black tee forever21 (12.80$US), warm cardigan vero moda (ca.54.00$US), black doc marten look-alike boots H&M (34.95$US), metallic shoulder bag mango (49.99$US), neon hat monki (8.00$US), silver chain bracelets H&M (7.95$US), safety pin earrings mango (19.99$US), two finger cross ring sosie (11.99$US),

Hope you like this new feature? I'm open for any suggestions and ideas, so if you have a certain piece you would like me to make a 5 ways to style about, just let me know.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One Song a Day Project: Day #8

Day #8: Iron & Wine - Muddy hymnal

Perfect for rainy and misty October days.
What song do you listen to, when it's grey and rainy outside? Some suggestions to jazz up these days?


Monday, October 7, 2013

One Song a Day Project: Day #7

Day #7: The Little Hands of Asphalt - Sex & Loneliness

Sex & Loneliness by The Little Hands Of Asphalt on Grooveshark  

I know, I know, this song is rather on the melancholic side, at least the lyrics. But although it might be harsh and depressing for some of you, it won't stop me from loving the melody of this song.

Does it happen to you too sometimes, that you like the melody, but not the lyrics of a song? It happens to me a lot by the way.


What I read this September

What I read this September

I stumbled upon a very special book in the library this month, called "The End of Mr.Y", written by Scarlett Thomas. It's not the type of book I would normally read, but I instantly wanted to, seeing it's cover. I mean who doesn't get curious about a book with black pages.

"The End of Mr.Y" is a great mixture of philosophy and fiction, reunited at it's best in this book. It all starts the second Ariel Manto, a young PhD student, discovers a unique, long-lost book written by Thomas Lumas, an ancient writer. Did you get the name of the book yet? Duh, it's "The End of Mr.Y" of course,which is said to be cursed. Everyone that read it died. No matter what the rumours are, Ariel reads the book, which will change her life forever. She will not only be chased by the mysterious and dangerous men of the project Starlight, but also find herself in a different world, called troposphere, a world built on thoughts. Besides being responsible for all the commotion in Ariel's life, the troposphere also will turn her way of seeing the world completely upside down.

Reading The End of Mr.Y

Well this book won't be one of my favourite ones,but I still liked it, mainly because it's different from all the other ones I prefer to read. Normally I'm not a big fan of philosophic stuff, probably due to the fact that I'm not one of the persons that likes to speculate about the meaning of everything and the emergence of life, etc. But to be honest I kind of got a little inspired by all the thoughts and questions proposed by the author. Although this makes the story a bit complicated, thus you need to focus while reading.

If you like books that are thought-provoking and maybe a little bit mind blowing, then "The End of Mr.Y" is a perfect fit for you. Do you even like books like that? And if so, which ones are your favorites?
I for one rate the book with 5 out of 10.


One Song a Day Project: Day #6

Day #6: Slow Club - Sunday

Sunday by Slow Club on Grooveshark

A song called Sunday,isn't that just perfect?And even better it's a funny song,that will make you smile.I mean what else do you need than that to start your Sunday.

Which songs do you like to start your days with?


Sunday, October 6, 2013

This Week in Pictures #16

This week in pictures #16

Do you know that feeling,when your holidays are just about to finally arrive?That period when you already are on vacation in your mind,but still have left a few days of work?It almost seems these days don't pass,while you are awaiting your free time.Well,that was exactly my state of mind this week,as I knew starting Friday I would have one week off.

During this lean time I usually like to plan all the nice things I want to do during my holidays.This time I want to get my home ready for fall.What do you plan/do a few days before your vacation starts?


Monday fall decoration shopping
Shopping fall decorations and craft supplies.Think I maybe planned way too much DIY's.


crazy artistic outcomes on a Tuesday dinner night
Dinner night with friends with all it's crazy artistic outcome.


Wednesday Le Petit Marseillais addiction
Addicted to Le Petit Marseillais.


Thursday craft shopping
Becoming the most regular customer @ bastelzentrum.


crafty Friday
Already busy doing all the crafts planned.


Saturday candle light bubble bath
Relaxing candle light bubble bath.


hot chocolate Sunday
Drinking spicy hot chocolate.

And how was your week?Are there any holidays in sight for you too?


Lovely Sunday #12

Lovely Sunday #15 - Quote of the week

Jeez,it has been quiet a while since I've last done this feature.Time is always kind of running away and days are passing by so fast,that I missed keeping up with all the blogs I love to read.Of course if there's not a lot of surfing on the blogosphere,it's kind of impossible to do this feature.Because other blogs and the creativity of their minds behind are the central core of a Lovely Sunday.

So I do want to become more steady in terms of this feature.Also due to the fact that there's really lacking something in my life,if I don't find time to read other blogs.

What are your online finding of this week and what blogs inspire you?


Saturday, October 5, 2013

One Song a Day Project: Day #5

Day #5: The Head and the Heart - Down in the valley

Day #5 of my one song a day project and I have another song for you that I really really love.Just listen and enjoy!


Casual & Daily Make-up

daily make-up supplies

For now I have already presented you some of the care cosmetics I'm using regularly and today,I'm sharing my daily make-up routine.If you ask me,the most important supplies you need to do your daily styling procedures are good quality brushes.If possible made of natural hair.But enough of that,let's move on to the other supplies.

1. Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner from Catrice

starting make-up with a primer

I always apply a thin layer of primer,before I put on make-up,which prevents it from blurring.The one from Catrice I'm actually using,has a smooth texture and can be dispensed easily with a make-up brush.Due to it's texture the primer gets absorbed quiet quickly.Not to despise it's lovely smell.

2. Prime and Fine Illuminating Base from Catrice

after primer comes illuminating base

After the primer,I usually put on a base with glimmer particles to point out certain parts of my face,like forehead,cheeks and bridge of the noise.My current base has a light texture,leaves no stains at all and is from Catrice as well.It comes with an even better smell than the primer.

3.Re-Touch Light-Reflecting Concealer from Catrice

I have really dark eye circles and absolutely do need to apply concealer to brighten them up a little bit.I have never been able to cover them up entirely,but with a bit of concealer they're at least less visible.This concealer,from Catrice again,is a twist-pen,which is kind of the way how I like my concealer.Way much handier than palettes.It's not the best concealer,but for the low price I paid for it,I consider the concealer as OK.And I love that they sell it in very light colours,like 010 ivory,that suit perfectly for my fair skin.

4. Multi Colour Compact Powder from Catrice

fixating make-up with compact powder

As long as there is no special event to happen,I'm easy with only putting on the three products mentioned above and no make-up.I only apply a compact powder to fixate everything.I prefer multicoloured compact powders,as I believe they give more light to your face and prevent it from looking like a mask.

5. Brush on Bronze from The Body Shop

adding some glow by applying bronzing powder

Bronzing powder is my absolute cosmetic must have.I use it throughout the whole year,not only during the summer.I first cover my whole face with a thin layer to give my complexion that sun kissed look.Then I highlight my temples,cheeks and chins by applying the bronzing powder in a E-shaped form.The single powder pearls prevent you from getting stains and too much bronzing.And I mean who doesn't love the products from Body Shop.

I finish my daily make-up by drawing a line in the bottom and top inner eyelid with black kohl and putting on some black mascara.

What's your daily make-up routine?Do you even use any make-up?If yes,what products do you use and do you put on the whole make-up package every day?Feel free to tell me,as I am quiet curious.