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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What I have Read Lately

the books I read the last three months

Although I haven't posted about my readings for quiet a while,I absolutely have been carrying on with my one book a month challenge.I'm going to give you a little heads up by showing you what I read the past three months.I really don't want you to miss out on a  good book.

The book of tomorrow from Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern: "The Book of Tomorrow"
This lovely story by Cecelia Ahern, - she also wrote "PS,I love you",which was made into a film by Ricard LaGravenese - ,is just enchantingly thrilling.The book follows the story of the sixteen year old Tamara,who starts discovering things of her past,after finding a mysterious book.I have been told,that all of Cecelia Ahern's novels come with a touch of magic,which certainly also is the case with "The Book of Tomorrow".And that is one big part,I liked about this book.I love stories with a little magic sparkle.Besides that,the story is rather one of the dramatic-mysterious ones.It's one of the books you start and won't stop reading until you finished it.I would give this book 10 out of 10,it's an absolutely recommendable novel.

scones and sensibility by Lindsay Eland

Lindsay Eland: "Scones and Sensibility"
A must reading for all Jane Austen fans and those yet to become.In "Scones and Sensibility" the author tells us how unpredictable love can be and that there is no possibility it can be forced on someone.The story accompanies Polly Madassa,a twelve-year old,romantic and Jane Austen obsessed girl,on er various attempts to bring some love to her hometown.The story is heavily inspired by the stories of the latter mentioned author,like "Pride and Prejudice",and the romantic ideas typical for those novels,as they serve as a guide of love for Polly.Not only the story itself,but also the writing style is based on Jane Austen,as Polly talks like the character in her favorite books.It was a fun diversion to read "Scones and Sensibility",but being honest it's a light-minded story without a lot of entanglement.In other words,it isn't too deep or maybe I just didn't get it.This book is a 5 out of 10,a sweet story,but a little bit too plain for me,although I loved all the baking going on.I could recommend this book as a light minded reading during a flight and for all the Jane Austen fans out there.

a cottage by the sea by Carole Matthews

Carole Matthews: "A Cottage by the Sea"
Are you in for a pile of intrigues and entanglement?Then this book was just made for you.Carole Matthew reunites three best friends and their men for an adventurous and even more dramatic summer stay at an old cottage.And believe me a lot of things are going to happen in this one week we follow the protagonist Grace and they will absolutely change her,Emma's and Flick's lives.Another book you won't put away until you finished it.Thrilling and touching from start to finish.Wholeheartedly a 10 out of 10 and thus for "A Cottage by the Sea" is an absolute must have read book.

 That's about it for my June,July and August readings.But before I'm off to continue reading my September book,I just wanted to ask you,what books are you reading at the moment or can you recommend me?



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  1. Hi there,

    I'm new to this whole blogging thing :) As a fellow Swissy I thought I'd check out your blog and I came across your latest post. I absolutely love Cecelia ahern - you know she was only 21 when she wrote PS. I love you? You should find 'A place called here' if you havent read it of those books that stays with you :)


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