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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wearing Stripes

wearing stripes today

Wearing my new striped pants

Today I want to share this outfit with you.I wore it the second last weekend to take a stroll with one of my best friends and my godson.By the way,he is the cutest kid ever.

I instantly fell in love with these blue and white striped pants,when I spotted them by accident a couple of weeks ago.I'm a huge sucker for striped items and those pants were just one of the things still missing in my closet.I was even such a lucky gal,that I got them with red and white stripes too.Yey,lucky me!

Loving my pants with stripes
cardigan: from a thrift store (5$US), sunglasses: H&M (11$US), shirt: from a souvenir shop in Barcelona (ca.5$US), striped pants: Jeans Factory (22$US), canvas sneakers: a gift
an outfit for a warm autumn day
I love shirts forever
My autumn look with stripes
Wearing an I love shirt

The "I love my boy" shirt is a finding from my trip to Barcelona a few years ago.I purchased it in one of the many souvenir shops.

What I most love about this outfit is the conjunction of the the red,blue and the white.Well and the stripes of course.But coming back to the color composition,those three colours are just the perfect match if you ask me.Don't you think?What is your favorite color combination in the first place? 

I love shirts are so cool
what to wear on a warm autumn day
Loving stripes
combining striped pants with an I love shirt
wearing striped pants with striped nails

And thanks to my best friend for taking all these great photos.Absolutely should do this again!


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