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Sunday, September 22, 2013

This Week in Pictures #14

this week in pictures #14

Wow,this week was really disturbing.I mean considering the actual weather changes,not my life!We had some strong fall tempests at the beginning of the week accompanied by rain and cold temperatures.It even blew away one of my flower pots.Found it lying on the roof of my neighbours porch the next day.And now,while sitting here typing this post,I'm looking out of the window at the bright blue sky.The sun is shining,I hear the birds chirping and it almost feels like spring.
So who wouldn't agree with me,that weather is a mysterious thing?It's fascinating too,maybe due to the fact of it's uncontrollability.And how was the weather playing in your hometown this week?


Monday iPad arrival
Finally got my iPad.

getting ready for chilly days by storing loads of tea
 Getting ready for cold days by buying lots of tea.


waking up with a rainbow
Woke up spotting a rainbow.


fall tea time
Tea time


doing some painting by number
Guess what this is?


bookshelf for a DIY project
Got a new toy for a DIY project.


chilly bathing time
Bathing time


bakery treats
 Bakery treats

taking a walk to the bakery
spotting beautiful houses
A walk to the bakery

By the way I feel like always talking about my weeks and not knowing about yours.So tell me how your week was and about all the funny things you did,by leaving a comment.I really would like to know about you guys.


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