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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nocturnal Skin Care Products

I started this feature weeks ago by showing you all the products I`m using for my daily skin care.Today I want to talk to you about the so essential and important preparation of the skin for the night,by showing you the beauty products I use before I go to sleep.
As well as you,your skin needs a good night sleep.Don`t you think?

I like to support my skin with following products:

1.Bebe Young Care 3 in 1 Shake & Clean eye make-up remover lotion 

I remember the days,when I came home early in the morning from a long party night and just fell into my bed right away.Nowadays I can`t even imagine to go to bed without taking of my daily make-up and washing my face.And believe me,my skin really thanks me for that.

I started using this eye make-up remover from Bebe Young Care a few months ago.And it is indeed the best one I`ve ever used,as it removes waterproof mascara without any problems and you really get all your eye make-up off.On top of that you only need a small amount of the lotion,which makes it a keeper,as you don`t use it up that quick.
Also this eye make-up remover is just perfect for my sensitive and dry skin,as it leaves it with no irritations after using.Due to it`s oily texture it also nourishes the eyelashes.
Only drawback is that the lotion is a bit smeary,but for that I have number 2.

2.NIVEA Visage Pure & Natural cleansing lotion

Since I can remember my mom used a cleansing lotion at night,mostly one from NIVEA too.So it kind of became a habit to me too to use a lotion to purify my skin before going to sleep,at least since I`m living alone and missed seeing some cleansing lotion laying around.

For quiet a while I`m using this 95% natural cleansing lotion from NIVEA with aloe vera.It leaves my skin clean,soft and also is quiet moisturising.Oh and the smell of the lotion is not negligible.So I think I`m going to stick with this product.
Although this lotion really cleanse your skin well,it`s not capable of completely removing eye make-up.But together with number 1,I just have the perfect skin cleansing couple.

3.NIVEA Visage Pure & Natural regenerating night cream

While we sleep our body has time to replenish all the empty reserves and to regain power for the next day.The same goes for the skin,it regenerates during the night.
That`s why I believe it is important to support your skin during the night and to supply it with nutrients.This task gets accomplished by NIVEA Visage Pure & Natural regenerating night cream,which I apply every night.
Simply because of it`s lovely smell it`s already a keeper.In addition to that the thick texture of the cream provides my skin with plenty of nutrition and softness.The contained biologic argan oil and aloe vera mainly contribute to before mentioned effect.

I`m definitely gonna stick to that night cream,as well as I can recommend it to everyone of you! 

4.Louis Widmer eye cream

This eye cream is the icing on the top of my nocturnal skin care procedure.It is so too,when comparing the price of this product to the prices of the previous ones.This cream costs about $30 to $35 US dollars,which is more or less three times the price of the other products.
But concerning the tiny amount you need,it will serve you for several months,which kind of makes up for the higher price.To visualize it for you,I only apply one fingertip cream for two eyes.
I especially love how nourishing this cream is.When I get up after a good night sleep,I can still feel the cream on my eyes.And my skin still has the same softness,as if I had just put on the cream.The next pot I`m going to purchase,probably will be without perfume.The current one has perfume in it and it always slightly burns on my skin,while applying.

If you`re not yet using an eye cream,I really recommend you to do so.The skin on our eyes is more sensitive and thinner than the rest of your face skin.Eye creams are constructed to give your skin in the eye area exactly what it needs.
So go and buy yourself an eye cream!

5.Eucerin repair foot cream

I`m a lucky one,as I got this foot cream from Eucerin as a gift,otherwise I would probably never purchased it,as it is no bargain with $20 to $25 US dollars.
During work,I`m on my feet almost all the time.That`s why I decided,it would be a good thing to take care of my feet more.A few days ago I started covering my feet with a thick layer of this cream,every night before going to sleep.

And so far I`m impressed with the result.My feet already are more softer and and less dry,which may be due to the 10% urea in the cream.
I`m definitely keeping up this nocturnal ritual and my feet will thank me for that. 

Till now it was me talking a lot about the products I`m using.Now I want to know,what products are you using?Do you have similar nightly skin care rituals or habits like I do?Do you even have any skin care habit before going to sleep?


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