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Monday, September 9, 2013

Last Week in Pictures #12

sharing some photos of last week

Haven't done this feature in a while,but I'm not giving up on it.
Here's my last week in pictures and this time really in pictures,as I want to incorporate more photos and less text to the posts of this feature.

monday got some wild flowers


tuesday messed up my closet searching for clothes

Tuesday morning mess after searching for a pair of pants.

wednesday had a starbuck's chai tea latte

thursday tried my new sheets for the first time
 Good Thursday sleep,thanks to these new sheets.


friday slept at my best friend's ans godson's house

Friday sleep over at my godson and best friend's house.

saturday enjoying the beauty of nature
saturday having a blast with my best friend

saturday soaking in the nature

saturday taking a stroll with my godson


sunday cleaned my bathroom

sunday baked a batch of cupcakes
 Sunday bathroom cleaning and cupcake baking.

Hope you had a wonderful week to?
Read you soon.


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