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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to Do Nails with Stripes

tutorial on striped nails

Buying nail polish is one of the activities I practice way too much.I love to varnish my nails in all crazy colours.I don't have a favorite tint,I just adore them all.For quiet a while now,I see a lot of nail art appearing on the world wide web.And it inspired me a lot to try out new things,rather than just doing the regular plain coloured nails.

Stripes are kind of my thing,always have been,but especially lately.So I thought,why not put stripes on my nails.It also seemed like not a too difficult pattern for my first nail art attempt.I decided to go with red and white,as I love the contrast of these two colours.

Supplies I used:
what I used to make nails with stripes

Apply the first coat,which should be a transparent nail polish,preferably with protective characteristics or a nail hardening polish.This first layer is important,as it protects and strengthens your nails.It also prevents them from getting a yellowish discoloration.Let the first layer dry completely.

Now apply the first layer of red,wait till practically dry.Add another coat of red.You can use your quick drying spray,if you don't want to wait the whole time until the red layers are dry.I somehow didn't,because my drying spray comes with a shiny finish.

As soon as the red layers are dry,paint 2 or 3 white stripes on every nail.I did by applying one drop of white nail polish on the middle of the nail and drawing a line out of it.You can also use a white nail pen instead.

how to do nails with stripes

After waiting until your white stripes dried,you can apply your final layer,the top coat.It prevents your nail polish from chipping off.Spray on the drying spray and you're done.

Of course I still need more practice doing nail art and probably a few more supplies.But although I didn't manage to do my nails perfectly,I love the different vibe my nails have with their striped look.


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