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Sunday, September 22, 2013

DIY: Lavender Body Mist

lavender body mist

Totally agreeing with you,that this sounds more like a body mist you would like to sprinkle on during the spring- or summertime.But I really needed something to bring back the hot and sunny days,as it is getting kind of chilly here lately.I can't deny it anymore,the summer is gone.Now you eventually understand,why I decided to use Lavender as a fragrance.Just wanted to bring back a little bit of the spring/summer.The witch hazel as second ingredient has anti-inflammatory effects and is the fall part in my body scent,as it's name reminds me of this season.

Here's what you need:
  •  a spray flask
  • distilled water
  • unflavoured alcohol,I used vodka
  • your fragrances,I used lavender blossoms and witch hazel water
making your own infused lavender water for fragrances

Heat the distilled water until it boils,then add 1-2 handful lavender blossoms.Cover with cling film and let soak for 20 to 60 minutes,depending on how quick the water absorbs the lavender scent.If you want a really strong scent,let soak for one week in a dark and chilly place.In the meantime you can sterilize your spray flask,if you want to,by putting it in the oven at 392°F for 10 minutes.

using infused water for body scents

As soon as your water has the intensity of lavender scent you desire,you can remove the blossoms by sieving the water.Let cool down the water completely,then add all the other fragrances you like or simply go with lavender.Just remember,if your using essential oils or bought infused waters,as I did with the witch hazel,don't add too much!I for example only added two tablespoons of witch hazel water.

ingredients for a body mist

Add a bit of alcohol to make your body mist last longer.The more high-proof your alcohol,the lesser you need.I used white vodka and added about 1 and a half tablespoons.Mix well everything and pour your fragrance in your spray flask.Before doing this make sure your spray flask cooled down completely,if you sterilized it before.

I'm seriously thrilled about my new body mist.I love it's fresh,bloomy scent,which sends me right on a trip to the South of France,when I smell it.Well of course only in my mind not physically.Yes guys,I'm sorry,there's still no magic after all.Hope you enjoyed this DIY,I mean who wouldn't want to make his own body mist.

Oh and I would absolutely love to read about the scents you created,if this got you inspired.So make sure to leave a comment here,like that I can read all about your creations.


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