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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

At My Home: Take a Peek at My Balcony

self grown herbs
To be honest with you guys,the moment I finish decorating my home probably will never arrive.So I might as well just show it to you anyway,although it`s not quiet ready yet.

The first room I actually started planning this year was my balcony,as I wanted it to be half way ready for this summer.Last year I moved in this home and did not even have the time to cultivate some pretty plants.Believe me,no fun at all to have a bare space,when it is hot and you want to chill on your balcony.So I really pushed myself to make it cosy for this summer. 

Whilst planning my balcony I pictured it to be a shabby chic paired with a Saint Tropez flair.And what wouldn`t be more Saint Tropez than vivid colours and stripes (still more to come). 

birds need to take baths too
love to have a balcony full with plants
all the pretty flowers
every garden needs some vivid colours
my green oasis
more pretty flowers
the place I chill during the summer
every girl loves roseshanging outdoor lamp
bird trailer

Hope you enjoyed the first peek and stay tuned,as I still want to show you the other half of my balcony. 


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