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Saturday, September 14, 2013

At My Home: Another Peek at My Balcony #2

grow your own basil

Decorating and planning a room,even a balcony,is quiet a time-taking process,but first of all I believe there has to be an idea,an inspiration,a thought.Arranging a room without having the slightest idea,what you want it to look like in the end,isn't the smartest thing to do,believe me.You can read about the idea behind my balcony here and my mainly inspirational sources were pinterest,my favorite blogs and living magazines.

decorating with striped textiles
the perfect lightning for your balcony
tried planting berries

I really do love how everything turned out,especially the plants.Anyway it wasn't all easy and perfect tough.Dealing with flowers and herbs isn't always the simplest task,especially when it comes to their needs.Failing on some of my self growing projects wasn't a bad thing at all,but rather quiet an educational one.I learned that next time,when buying plants and seeds for my balcony,I need to pay more attention to their requirement of sunlight exposure.This year I just planted whatever I liked,which resulted in burnt plants,as my balcony really gets a lot of sunlight and heat.

how lovely yellow can look at your home
herbal and flower garden
yummy herbs for your garden

After all it was a lot of fun to plan and implement all my ideas and to see the result.Although there are still a few ones I want to realize,I`m quiet happy with the green oasis I created.

lovely bistrot inspired sitting area
adding pop up colours to your garden

That's about it for my balcony,hope you enjoyed this post and read you soon.


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