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Saturday, September 7, 2013

5 Beverages I Love

5 beverages I love

I`m back with a new feature,which I thought would be fun to do.It`s called 5 things and kind of has the aim to get you to know me better.In every 5 things post,I will share things with you that I fancy,crave about and truly love.This may sound quiet one sided right know,but I would love you guys to participate in this one.Meaning,that it would really be amazing,if you would tell me back your 5 things here on my blog or even do this feature on your blog.Like that I get the chance to get to know my lovely readers too.

Today I share 5 beverages with you,that I`m really obsessed with.

1.COFFEE,I mean really a lot of it.Can`t live without it.

coffee is essential for me

2.this yummy lemonade.I`m also a sucker for self-made lemonade.

my favorite lemonade

3.gingerbread latte,I could drink this 365 days seriously.

could drink gingerbread latte every single day ice tea ever!Besides that,I enjoy making tea with self grown herbs.

showing you the best ice tea ever

5.Starbucks chai tea.It`s just absolutely delicious.I like tea a lot in general.

sucker for chai tea

If you like to participate on 5 things,just leave a comment with your 5 beverages you love right here or do your own blog post on it.If you do so,just make sure to link back here,like that I can read it too.


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