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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Balcony & Garden Inspirations

if I had a veranda...
Inspiration from Pinterest
Summer is already knocking at our doors and we are all waiting for some hot and sunny weather,well at least here at my hometown.So it`s only natural,that I put my interior house planning and shopping aside and started focusing on converting my balcony in a little green oasis.
I`m browsing Pinterest for inspirations for at least one month now and probably already got too many ideas I would love to realize.There`s no way all this stuff is going to fit on my balcony.I believe some of you may be familiar with that kind of problem,am I right?

At the moment my mind is kind of crowded with all this inspiration,that I definitely need to sort out.So I thought,why not make a post,that helps me to better organize my ideas and eventually give you some brand new inspirations too.

cute tags to name your garden herbs
Inspiration from Bonbon Break found here

lovely window board decorated with herbs
Inspiration from Paddock`s lifestyle blog

why not plant in unique looking pots and vases
Inspiration from claylicious
dreaming of a hut in the middle of nowhere in the green
Inspiration from Pinterest
simple but adorable balcony arrangement
Inspiration from Pinterest
get Italy right on your balcony
Inspiratin from Pinterest
I`m just such a sucker for this English romantic style
Inspiration from Pinterest
some textiles with stripes and you feel just like sitting in a café in South France
Inspiration from Pinterest
this makes me want to have my own garden
Inspiration from Pinterest
garden chilling space a little bit different
Inspiration from Pinterest
every garden or balcony needs some lanterns
Inspiration from Pinterest
Hope you enjoyed it and that I can show you my balcony soon.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Wild Garlic Pesto

Ingredients for wild garlic pesto

Pesto is one good stuff,guys don`t you think?And I mean,who doesn`t like pasta?
And best thing about it,you make one jar and you have enough pesto for a whole week.Seems like plenty of opportunities to try out different ways to eat it.

So today I`m going to share a pesto recipe with wild garlic,I found while looking through my cookbooks.And believe me,this one isn`t only seasonal and healthy,but actually really really good!

What you need (for 1 jar):
  • 2 ounces fresh wild garlic
  • 1 1/2 ounces pine nuts
  • 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 ounces grated mountain cheese (a cheese produced in the Alps)
  • 1/2 to 1 cup rape oil
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • salt
  • black pepper
I know pesto is normally made with Parmesan cheese,but I liked the idea of using mountain/alpine cheese in combination with the tart flavour of the wild garlic.

yummy pesto with mountain cheese and wild garlic

Rinse off the wild garlic and let drip off well.Then chop the leaves,as well as the pine nuts.Now add the first four ingredients in a bowl and mash everything with a blender until it has a smooth texture.Spice your pesto with salt,pepper and lemon juice to add some seasoning.

Pour your pesto into a well cleaned jar and brim the jar with rape oil.Stored in the fridge the pesto is maintainable for a whole week.
Or if you want to,just eat it right away with yummy pasta or bread.

By now you get it that I love pesto,so if you have some delicious pesto ideas,don`t hesitate to share them with me!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Book Reviews:"The Wedding Girl" from Madleine Wickham

Talking about "The Wedding Girl" from Sophie Kinsella

Hello lovely readers,are you ready for some book review time?
Some of you may already know about my May lecture,for those who didn`t read my little sneak peek on this months book,you can find it here.In that previous post I had already mentioned,that I`ve read a few books from Madleine Wickham,aka Sophie Kinsella till now and I always liked them.Because of that,I was really looking forward to start reading it,expecting it to be just hilariously funny and thrilling.

Sadly I got disappointed a little bit with "The Wedding Girl".Or maybe I just had too high expectations,because I admire the author that much,but I just really didn`t get the sense of that storyline.Why would somebody wait until a week before their wedding to do something about an already existing and not yet divorced marriage?
Don`t get me wrong,the storyline is ok,the end is pretty cute and I like how all the persons in the book get to now their unflattering characteristic traits  and become better persons.But if a storyline lacks of logic,we just can`t be friends.

Sharing some thoughts on a Sophie Kinsella book

As already mentioned here,Milly is getting married in a week.Unfortunately it slipped her mind to tell her future husband,that she already got married 10 years ago.During a vacation she married a gay friend,to give him permission to stay in the country with his boyfriend.Over the years she lost track of both of them.One week before her wedding Milly gets reminded of that youthful indiscretion by a person who had witnessed everything and threatens her.That`s the moment when she gets worried and starts investigating and looking for her lost husband and his boyfriend.

I ask you now,what do you think about a plot like that?Do you get why I wasn`t that excited about this lecture?

Me for my part,I sadly have to give it a thumbs down.There are definitely better and more logical books from Sophie Kinsella.
And what do you read at the moment?Any suggestions?