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Thursday, May 23, 2013

I`m all about Weddings or What I am Reading this May

My May lecture from Sophie Kinsella

It has been a while I read a book from Sophie Kinsella,one of my favorite authors.So this month it seemed to be the perfect moment to go for another Kinsella book.
Some of you may know her from her "Shopaholic" book series,of which the first book also set foot on screen,known under the name "Confessions of a Shopaholic".I,by the way,can really recommend this book series,as I read some of them and they were absolutely hilarious and fun to read.

But enough of that and more about the actual Kinsella book,that I`m reading,which is called "The Wedding Girl".The Title already reveals the main topic,it`s all about getting married.Or in this case about getting married,while already being married!
Does this sound a lot like bigamy?
And it totally is,but of course there is more to the story....

Milly,a 28 year old woman,is going to marry her big love Simon in a few days.Unfortunately she forgot to tell him,that she already has a husband.Ten years ago she had married a friend to give him permission to stay in the country.Today she has lost track of her friend or husband,however you want to call it,and is still married to him.With a marriage coming up,Milly has a big problem,as you may have guessed already!
But it`s coming even bigger,when a person from her past appears,who knows exactly what Milly did ten years ago.

Is Milly going to tell the truth to her future husband Simon?
Well,I`m eager to find out.And if you are too,join the reading and stay tuned for the coming up review at the beginning of June.


PS: Oh and don`t get confused,if you are looking for the book.It got published under her pseudonymous Madeleine Wickham.


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