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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Book Reviews: "Glamour" from Louise Bagshawe

sharing my opinion on this book

Still owe you the review on this book,I presented you as my April lecture a few weeks ago.I had already mentioned then,that it is the story of three best friends building an exclusive glamour shopping mall.But there`s more to that,it`s a story about friendship,about how easily it can be destroyed,but as well how it can overcome every obstacle.
It`s also a story about three woman,all from an other origin,with different strengths and even more different characters.Although being that different from each other,in the end they are all looking for the same thing,and therefore are more alike than they think.

As already mentioned Jane,Haya and Sally become best friends in High School.Soon after that they got separated from each other,due to family and partially religious matters.One of them finds herself in a total new and unknown world,the other two loose everything they have and have to start from the bottom again.While getting separated,they loose track of each other,but they never forget about the friendship they had/have.

For quiet a big part of the book,the reader follows Jane`s,Sally`s and Haya`s lifes independently,until the moment they find each other again.That`s when they decide to found Glamour,an exclusive shopping mall with only the best and exquisite things in the world.
That`s where the story and their friendship turns and that`s also the moment,where I`m not going to tell you more about the story to keep it interesting.

Now let`s talk about the three protagonists.
Haya was the one of the three that I really liked,well I mean her personality.She seemed kind,sweet,honest,although maybe a little bit naive in the beginning of the story.Only thing I didn`t like about her was her submissiveness to her husband.
Sally is the typical Texas Girl,blond,skinny and with a beautiful body.She`s every man`s dream,although not very well-read and book intelligent.But she knows about her beauty and it`s effect on other people and even more important she knows everything about style and the perfect presentation.That`s how she overplays her lack of knowledge.I admire her for working herself from the bottom to the top,but she isn`t a likable character to me,as she is a little bit too narcissistic for my taste.
The same goes for Jane.I admire her as well,on one hand for her intelligence,her know-how and her ambition on the other for her endurance,but she is way to arrogant and cold hearted for me.To get you a picture of Jane.She`s kind of the visual and intellectual opposite from Sally.Although not ugly,she is nothing special.But she is intelligent,well-read and book intelligent.

The authors writing style is very clean and dry,there`s not a lot of humor or funny moments to find in this book,but keeping the story in mind,this is kind of ok.
I normally like it,when an author pays a lot of attention to describe the surroundings and all the little details,especially when this is done in a charming and visualizing way.Louise Bagshawe didn`t do this kind of writing in "Glamour",but I`m alright with that,as it would kind of turn the deepness of the story into ridicule.

In summary,I can really recommend you this book,because so far it was the best book I`ve read since I started my one book a month challenge.

Did anyone of you like this book as much as I did?



  1. Lovely Greetings <3 ,kisses!

  2. thanks for the review! i'm looking for some good books to read at the moment, may just give this one a try!



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