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Friday, May 10, 2013

52 Lists: The Things I Want to Make

52 Lists week 13

During the day I normally got a couple of DIY-ideas and inspirations popping up in my head.Soafter reading that,you might think this list would be a piece of cake for me.At least I did,duh.
Quickly I realized this wasn`t the case,when I sat down to think about it.My mind just blanked and it took me quite a while to complete this one.

Well I call it the bad habit of not writing down my ideas right away.I tend to not have my notebook with me,when they pop up in my head or I just don`t take myself a second to write them down.
Are you familiar with situations like that?And what do you do to keep your ideas and inspirations in good memory?


....And please don`t forget to check out the 52 list from Morrea Seal,the original founder of this project.

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